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How to Get a Job at Torrid

The Torrid interview process takes the form of a single hiring session, in most cases. Applicants submit hiring materials either online or at a location of choice and then receive interview confirmation from store managers based on the information provided. Torrid job seekers routinely note availability as a major determinant in gaining favor with hiring personnel. Applicants should possess open availability, specifically the ability to work nights or weekends, in order to gain employment. Up-selling skills also serve as focal points of Torrid job interviews.

During each hiring session, applicants respond to interview questions designed to reveal desirable traits. Torrid interviews often take 20 minutes or less and feature roughly five or six inquiries. Common Torrid interview questions range from, "Why do you want to work at this specific store?" and "What do you like about the Torrid brand?" to "Why do you think you're a good fit with the Torrid team?" and "What are three things you feel are most fashionable right now?" The Torrid interview process begins with more light-natured and general questions and then proceeds into more specific, intensive questioning. Applicants should exude passion, dedication, and energetic personalities during Torrid interviews. Potential managers encounter similar job interviews during the Torrid hiring process, although interview questions aimed at managerial candidates typically gauge past leadership experiences, work ethics, and specific management skills.

District managers generally preside over Torrid job interviews. In some instances, store managers take over hiring duties for district managers or even work in tandem to interview candidates back-to-back on the same day. Regardless of interview format or duration, applicants should show positivity and interest in the Torrid brand at all times. Talk at length about fashion trends to truly demonstrate desire to work in the fashion retail industry, and even reveal long-term career goals incorporating fashion as a focal point, if applicable. Torrid employees typically wear Torrid merchandise while on-the-clock. Applicants who take initiative and follow the example of current associates by wearing Torrid clothing to required hiring sessions tend to fare better than other candidates during the interview process.

Insider Tips

We speak with former employees about working for Torrid:

Torrid Sales Associate Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.

Torrid Sales Associate: I’m a part-time sales associate there, and just basically helping customers find what they need, getting fitting rooms, if they need back stock, stuff like that. Basic customer need stuff.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?

Torrid Sales Associate: Pretty calm. Not really much to talk about. It’s a pretty good environment to be in. I don’t feel pressured, or nervous, or anything being around everyone. Everyone’s really nice and welcoming.

Interviewer: What was your favorite part about working there?

Torrid Sales Associate: Just the real freedom of it. Like you have responsibilities that you have to get done, but they’re pretty open to you going about your own way of greeting the customer, and being yourself, versus having a checklist of what you’re supposed to say and how you’re supposed to approach people. I think just having that freedom, just being a person versus a sales associate is very helpful in the company.

Interviewer: Please describe the application and interview process.

Torrid Sales Associate: You fill out your basic job history, you attach your resume, contact information and that basic stuff. And then you go through I think it’s a 100 question questionnaire about do you use your instincts? And do you strongly agree, or completely agree, or strongly disagree, completely disagree? One of those kind of surveys. And just different positions, like that you will be within the company. So, like do you want to be in charge? Or stuff like that.

Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?

Torrid Sales Associate: It was a pretty conversational interview, it wasn’t very question-y. She first asked why I applied there, like why did I choose there? And what was I looking for in a job? And it was my first job, so it was a very conversational kind of what I was looking for type of interview. And then she went onto the availability and resume, and she wanted to look at my grades and all of that stuff. And that’s when it kind of got a little more serious, but it was still very open, conversational stuff.

Interviewer: How were you notified that you received the job?

Torrid Sales Associate: I was hired within the interview. So, there was no waiting period for that.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?

Torrid Sales Associate: Just be yourself, don’t be nervous, and don’t let anyone intimidate you.


  • tot says:

    I am going to apply at my local torrid I have been applying for years. I love torrid and I feel that this job can take me places. What can I do to ace an interview and get this job???

  • Rudii says:

    Well first you have to go thru a casting thing. DRESS FASHIONABLY! not professionally. I did that but really they just want you to show off how fashionable you can be. They’ll ask you to sell you the outfit where you describe your outfit and say why someone else would like it. Then they’ll ask you what helping a customer means and basically it’s you and like 5 other people in the same room, answering the same questions. Btw; ACCESSORISE!

  • Thalia Miranda says:

    When should I expect a call back after a job interview?

  • Nicole says:

    Does torrid drug test?

  • ana says:

    I love love the store!!!

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