Toys R Us Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Toys R Us

As physical storefronts reopen, Toys R Us encourages interested individuals to apply online for positions at the new locations. The company uses scheduled hiring events to recruit new staff members, giving preference to past employees. Before stores closed in 2017, people described their interview experience as organized, friendly, and fun.

The Interview Process at Toys R Us

While former employees have first choice, the franchise plans to hire more workers with the launch of additional locations. Management positions involve a few rounds of interviews. Those applying for a part-time or entry-level job attend group interviews with other potential workers.

Hiring Events and Group Sessions

During Toys R Us job interviews, hopefuls participate in group exercises and meet as individuals with a hiring manager. Team building tasks show how an applicant works with others, their interpersonal skills and ability to conduct a sale. The most common assignment is selecting a toy or creating one out of building blocks and pretending to sell it to a fellow candidate.

Interviewing One-On-One

After the group session, managers interview potential employees one-to-one. This follows a more traditional structure with questions about one’s interests, hobbies, and outside commitments. They also ask about the applicant’s availability, experience, and why they think the company should hire them.

How to Dress for a Toys R Us Job Interview

What to Wear

When going to a Toys R Us job interview, applicants should wear business appropriate clothing. Although the company hosts a fun atmosphere, managers expect professionalism out of each employee. A nice pair of slacks, button down or collared shirt, dress shoes and formal skirt are a few acceptable clothing ideas for men and women.

Preparing for a Toys R Us Interview

A Job for the Kid at Heart

Today’s stores are smaller and include interactive displays with lots of opportunity for kids to play. The ideal candidate for working at the new Toys R Us has an updated knowledge on current trends in toys and children’s entertainment. Before an interview, prospects should research relative information about popular kid’s merchandising.

Common Interview Questions

When preparing for an interview with Toys R Us, a few tips can help improve your experience and better your chances at a job offer. The franchise looks to hire energetic people are who enthusiastic about work. Prospective workers should practice a list of common questions to reduce their stress. Some of the most popular questions asked in a Toys R Us job interview are:

  • How would you handle an upset customer?
  • How skilled are you at dealing with people and loud children?
  • Do you work well under pressure?
  • How would you convince a customer to buy a specific toy?
  • Why did you apply to this job?
  • What is your favorite toy and why?

Getting Hired at Toys R Us

Candidates may receive a job offer immediately after a successful interview or through a phone call later in the week. Managers often ask new employees to start a week after meeting with them. This depends on how soon the store needs the position filled as well as the completion of a background check.

Interview Tips from a Toys R Us Hiring Manager

Video Transcript

Interviewer: What qualities do you look for in an applicant?
Toys R Us Hiring Manager: I’m going to first look for personality. Then, I’m going to look for the availability of their schedule. For that type of business, you need to make sure they have an open availability because it changes with the season, and it changes with the day-to-day. That’s what I’m going to look for first. Not being the actual manager who had the final say, I only got to put a little bit of input.

Interviewer: What kind of answers do you look for in an interview?
Toys R Us Hiring Manager: Just that they’re willing to be there every day and on time. If it’s a young person coming out of high school, I’ll ask them about their attendance record. How many times were they late coming to school? How many days of school did you miss? I mean, I can’t pre-judge – because when you’re an adult, it’s a little bit different – but still I want to know a little bit about what you did in high school. That way, I can judge what type of person and get a feel for you at that point.

Interviewer: How can an interviewee tell if the interview went well?
Toys R Us Hiring Manager: You can generally. It’s more of just a feel. They’ll ask if they answer the questions fully. The clue-in is if they say, “I have to talk to my manager, and I will be calling you back for a second interview.” And usually, when they say they’re going to call back for a second interview, generally, you have that job on the second interview because they’ve already made their decision from the first interview.

Interviewer: What should an applicant do to prepare for an interview?
Toys R Us Hiring Manager: Be familiar with the company. Know their product, know what they’re selling, know just how to walk into the store on a regular day and see what it’s like. Make sure you’ve been there before, so you can almost anticipate some of the questions they’re going to ask you.

Interviewer: What should an applicant do after leaving the interview?
Toys R Us Hiring Manager: What should they do? Make sure you thank them for their time, and if it’s been maybe a couple of days and you haven’t heard back from them, call and follow up on the interview. Tell them that: “Hey, I wanted to thank you for your time and for interviewing me. I was wondering if you guys had made a decision on the position yet.” Follow through. You put in the application, just follow through with it. Then, they know you really want to work there. Maybe that could be the deciding factor of whether or not they want to hire you.

Toys R Us Manager Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Toys R Us Manager: My primary duties with Toys R Us… I started out as a sales associate during the seasonal period, which is generally where they start getting their permanent employees. I worked my way up to a customer service representative for them.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?
Toys R Us Manager: It was fun because it was during the holidays. Yes, it was busy, but we had a lot of fun. It was open for 24 hours at that point in time, and third shift, believe it or not, does get busy. It’s actually fun.

Interviewer: What was your favorite part about working there?
Toys R Us Manager: The third shift duties. I was one of the few that actually like doing third shift. That’s where I started, and that’s one of the few things I enjoyed there.

Interviewer: Please describe a typical day as an employee.
Toys R Us Manager: A typical day for a normal day shift employee was – obviously, you would come in, clock in. They would assign you a particular area of the store, and that was the area that you helped customers. You kept it clean, put stuff back on shelves. If they got busy, they would call you up to do the registers at that point. That was pretty much the typical.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
Toys R Us Manager: The application and interview process with them is a little more detailed because they will do a psychological test, they will do a math test, then they will do a credit background check for whatever godly reason that is, and they will put you through that. You’ll do the first interview with the math test and one manager. Then, they’ll call you back for the second interview, where they’ll do the psychological test and then they’ll offer you the job at that point. Then, they’ll do the credit score after you are hired for the job, conditionally based on that.

Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?
Toys R Us Manager: At first, obviously, they wanted to know your name, where you live, what kind of background you have, if you have any experience with it. The big thing in Ohio is if you’ve ever been convicted of any felony or any theft charge – they want to know that upfront. They don’t necessarily not hire you based on that, but depending on how long ago it was, they could bar you from that. They want to know if you’re willing to work weekends, holidays, night shifts, if they can call you in, would they be in seasonal because that’s where they pull everyone that they hire. They want to make sure you’re willing to stay throughout the season because come January eleventh, when they start dong inventory, is the decision if you get to stay. And, if you’re going to do what they ask you, you’re going to become a permanent employee at that point in time.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
Toys R Us Manager: The big thing is the customer service representatives will look over your application first before they pass it on. Do not come in there dressed in shorts, t-shirts, tank tops. Do not ask them to borrow a pen. Take your own with you because that will be a first sign. I’ve had managers ask, “Well, did they bring their own pen?”, and right in the trash. “How did they look?”, their personality, “Did they look high?” The managers will get a feel from you, what your thoughts are before they even look at that application.

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  • jason says:

    Can you help me decide how to dress for an interview? I really want to get the job, but I can’t decide what to wear. I am a man. Also, do they want to know about my education? I have high school and some college?

  • Ronald Sh. says:

    I think that pants, a shirt and a tie would be good enough and they will probably ask about your education. But yes, focus on your interview and you will get the job. 🙂

  • DEagle says:

    Yeah dress as nice as you possibly can. I don’t think there is a way to “under-dress” for an important interview. You could say that the better you look and the more prepared you are, the more that says you want the job.

  • jasmine says:

    im a female, what should i wear to my interview? also i have a facial piercing should i take it out before?

  • Caprice says:

    What education level is required to work for toysrus?

  • Caprice says:

    What kind of clothes should one wear for the interview. Formal attire?

  • Caprice says:

    What should I expect at the interview and what questions will I be asked?

  • Caprice says:

    What is the starting pay or entry level pay rate?

  • Vince says:


    If you are a male you should wear dress pants, a dress shirt and more then likely a tie. If you are a female you should wear either dress pants or a formal skirt or something along those lines, a nice and maybe formal shirt and some nice dress shoes.

    You should expect them to ask what kind of education you have had. What are your skills you have and what you can do. What kind of pay you would like. Some advie on that don’t say a number say ‘open’ or negotiate. um what else would they as. over all just be honest on when they ask you the questions and when you fill out the form. And if the question doesn’t apply to you put N/A.

    As for your last question I don’t know.

  • Element says:

    They don’t care if you have a goatee or not. I worked at Toys R Us for 5 years. The whole time I was there I had a full beard that I kept neat and trim and they never said a word. I also had (and still have) long, shoulder length hair that I always wore in a neat ponytail at work. I also dressed as neatly as possible with my shirt tucked in at all times. They never cared about my hair and beard because I looked neater and cleaner than other guys there who had short hair and no facial hair. Its all about your over all appearance.

  • toysrus2010 says:

    I was just hired by TRU. Interview is business casual. Expect some odd things but fun! First, it’s usually a group interview. Brush up on your paper airplaine making skills and lego building. After group interviews, it’s one on one. Have an open schedule and they will love you (use you). Their company policy is red polo’s with black slacks or khakis. Body piericings are not allowed with the exception of ears, tatoos are not to be seen. Hope it helps. Good Luck!

  • Maverick warner says:

    What type of questions will i be asked.

  • Mary says:

    how long should I wait to check up on my application?

  • sara says:

    im tryin to apply online and it says keywords, what do i write for that?

  • ibrahim says:

    what kind of shoes should i wear to an interview… nd would they hire someone with no experience, nd i am a man by the way …

  • Lety says:

    What should i write down on my resume if my other former jobs got bought by new management??

  • miri says:

    if youre trying to apply online you need to register as a new user on their system.
    as for keywords i believe you can leave it blank and it will search all possible items.

    also word of advice, they like it when you as questions about the COMPANY.
    company being the keyword. 🙂

    best of luck to everyone!

  • Samantha R. says:

    How old do you have to be? I’ve read that you can be 14 but ive also read you have to be 16. I am 14 and in 9th grade. I am able to be on time everyday and never miss. Do you think I have a chance?

  • Susan says:

    I have always appreciated how Toys ‘R Us incorporates fun into its work environment as well as upholding a respectable and knowledgeable staff. From a consumer’s/ customer’s point of view, I understand the importance of the staff having a clean and well-managed appearance. It makes an easily interpreted statement of the individual’s degree of self-awareness and hygiene as well as the company’s impression of an excellent employee.
    As a hopefully potential employee of Toys R Us, I can easily agree with the company’s views on facial piercings as it represents a lifestyle that some parents may find awkward to explain to their children depending on their personal views. While the employee has the right to express themselves as an adult, I agree it is certainly not relevant to the company’s business or professional interests. I have facial piercings myself, yet I feel it is appropriate business etiquette to exclude them from an employee’s appearance, and I have no issue with removing the jewelry before going to work.
    However, I am curious as to what Toys R Us policies are when it comes to dyed hair. I have seen tasteful and tactful hairstyles on some albeit few Toys R Us staff members that include vibrant colors before, yet when I began to research the company’s work ethic and policies I have not been able to find any resources that could provide insight into the standards held for acceptable hair color. Perhaps I haven’t been looking in the right places, but could someone please help to clarify? I’m sure that information will help not only myself, but other future Toys ‘R Us staff as well! 🙂

  • ana says:

    I am 17 years old but have no job experience do you think i could get hired at Toys R Us???

  • April says:

    i have a couple of noticeable tattoos,
    one from my wrist up to my elbow, another one on my chest, and one on my hand (inbetween my thumb and index finger)
    do you believe that’ll stop me from getting hired?

  • ricky rios says:

    how do i know if i got hired?

  • Talbot says:

    ana, absolutely, just be ridiculously outgoing and friendly and really try to understand what makes good customer service, even if you dont know how to do it, just make connections with questions they may ask you to similar experiences that you may have previously faced… What I’m saying is be interesting, don’t bore them but talk a lot. It’s what got me in, and I have no “On-Paper” previous experience.

  • Jake says:

    Do you get drug tested when you get interviewed? I am wondering because I am always self conscious about that kind of thing. Please answer!

  • Ellie says:

    I am a 15 year old girl. I am wondering if I would be able to apply for a job with Toys R Us, would it be possible?

  • yasmine dixon says:

    im a female, what should i wear to my interview? also i have a facial piercing. should i take it out before?

  • Tasha says:

    I’m 15, but I turn 16 this year, and I really am determined to work at a place that I will enjoy, do you think they will give me a chance, or is the age 16 the youngest you can be?

  • Ntombikayise says:

    I was asked “What are the skills you have?” “Why do you think this job is the right one for you?” and “Can you work under pressure?”

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