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Trader Joe’s Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Trader Joe's offers excellent career opportunities and unique work environments. The supermarket chain manages 350 locations and continually looks to add fresh talent to existing teams. The nationwide grocer promotes supportive atmospheres focused on employee success. Workers also enjoy wearing fun Hawaiian-shirt uniforms in place of traditional grocery smocks or business attire. The supermarket chain hires workers able to have fun on the job and adapt to the exciting, free-spirited company culture. Applicants should possess strong desire to support others and provide enjoyable shopping experiences to gain hire.

Facts About Working at Trader Joe's

Minimum Age to Work at Trader Joe's: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Trader Joe's?)

Trader Joe's Hours of Operation: Open every day: 8:00am-9:00pm

Available Positions at Trader Joe's: Crew Member, Cashier, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Trader Joe’s Job Opportunities

Entry-level workers may find job opportunities in customer service and food production. Jobs typically feature part-time hours and workers may take advantage of opportunities to advance into full-time positions. Twice a year, employees undergo review for consideration for advancement within the company. To apply for crew jobs, candidates need to personally submit applications in store. A job seeker may drop by the store and fill out an application or download the application online and turn the form in.

In addition to careers at the crew level, Trader Joe’s offers management opportunities for individuals with strong leadership skills. A company focused on eliminating bureaucracy, Trader Joe’s simplifies the management hierarchy down to assistant manager and manager, referred to as mate and captain. To apply for management positions, candidates need to submit resumes, cover letters, and salary histories online. In the cover letter, management candidates need to answer the following questions: “Why do you wish to work for the company?”, “Where is the closest store to you?”, “Would you relocate? If so, what parts of the country would you move to?”, and finally, “What is your favorite product that we sell and why?”

Trader Joe’s Positions and Pay

Whether looking for a part-time job helping customers or beginning an exciting management career, Trader Joe’s offers career paths that being with generous initial rewards and continue to add enticement. The supermarket chain remains well-known for offering some of the highest pay rates in the grocery store industry. The following list shows the jobs available at each store and corresponding pay rates:

Store Crew – Store crew represents a general title that applies to entry-level store workers. Without formal division of labor at the store level, crew members care for all aspects of operations. In general, store crew employees ensure customers receive exceptional service. One day, a store crew worker may run the cash register, and the next an associate may build displays and stock shelves. Store crew with artistic skills may use chalk to hand make signs to promote products and deals. Workers with extensive wine knowledge may focus talents in the liquor department. Individuals with passion for cooking may jump behind the kitchen counter and assist in the planning and preparation of deli foods. Store crew usually start out earning $10.00 an hour and may earn up to $20.00 an hour.

Mate – A mate works as a first-level store manager or assistant manager. Every location features a team of several mates to support captains in store-operations responsibilities. Key duties for mates include supervising and training staff, merchandising and inventory monitoring, and resolving customer issues. Mate stands as the highest position individuals may hire directly into at Trader Joe’s. In many cases, mates may hire in as crew members and advance into the title. Mates receive hourly pay, with rates ranging from $20.00 to $40.00 an hour.

Captain – Captains serve as store managers. Responsible for customer satisfaction, managers ensure every customer enjoys a first-rate shopping experience. All captains begin as mates and earn promotion into captain titles. To advance into a captain position, a mate must go through a 12-month Regional Mobile Thriver Program, or RMT Program. Most captains must possess five or more years of management experience and bachelor’s degrees. Captains often earn between $85,000 and $105,000 a year.

Tips For Applying

Trader Joe’s is an expanding chain of supermarkets that routinely hires new workers. The grocer promotes exclusively from within and favors individuals in search of career growth. Job hopefuls should also enjoy diverse settings, as both entry-level positions and managerial roles feature tasks that vary day to day. Candidates with excellent interpersonal skills heavily outperform workers who are shy or timid. Any kind of background in the industry increases the likelihood of gaining employment; however, managers usually look at the hard work of prospective employees equally, regardless of prior job titles.

Application Status

After downloading and completing the online application, workers turn the forms into hiring managers and await contact to schedule interviews. Depending on how busy each individual store is, aspirants may participate in on-the-spot interviews. In most cases, job applicants should expect to wait five to seven days to hear back from the chain. Call the store or make an onsite visit in the days following to check on the statuses of applications. Asking about the hiring process or other specific questions related to working for Trader Joe’s shows dedication and determination.

Benefits of Working at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s believes quality benefits remain keys to keeping employees happy and productive. The supermarket chain offers a comprehensive benefits package promoting healthy living and future savings for eligible team members and dependents. Managers automatically earn benefits packages and store crew may earn eligibility for health benefits after a few months of working for the company. Health benefits include medical, dental, and vision coverage. For financial savings, qualifying workers may opt into generous 401(k) retirement plans. To ensure employee well-being, workers receive paid time off for holidays and personal time. Management enjoys guaranteed two days off per calendar year, and crew members receive flexible work schedules. All crew members enjoy an excellent 10% discount on everything sold at the store.

Additional Information on Trader Joe’s

The popular nationwide grocery store connects to customers through the unique Fearless Flyer. The hard-to-categorize flyer serves part-newsletter, part-catalog, and part-art piece. The flyer includes product stories on supermarket goods as well as customer updates on company practices. The Fearless Flyer comes out eight times a year and may be picked up in-store or downloaded online. Customers that want the official flyer as soon as possible may sign up for free mail delivery. Customers may also subscribe to the official E-newsletter, which informs customers about new recipes, food, event-planning how-to’s, and upcoming events and contests.

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