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Hiring process information for an interview at Travelodge Hotels

Jobs Available Around the World

Hospitality job seekers from around the world may consider employment with the hotel chain. Though the company mainly operates in the United States, Travelodge also maintains locations in Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. Regardless of location, the company continuously hires new workers for both entry-level jobs and more advanced professional opportunities. To start a job with the hotel chain, individuals must successfully navigate the job interview.

Beginning the Hiring Process

Job seekers interested in a position with Travelodge must first submit several completed employment forms. Interested individuals must then participate in various interview formats standard to the hospitality industry. Applicants frequently participate in a phone interview, 1:1 question-and -answer sessions, group meetings, or panel reviews. The overall interview process may last anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the position. Serious applicants should maintain frequent contact with a hiring manager or human resources official.

Desired Attributes

Interview questions cover a variety of topics important to members of the hospitality industry. First and foremost, Travelodge wants applicants with good customer service and communication skills. Customer service in the hospitality industry may be different than in other industries. Hotel staffs work 24 hours a day tending to guest needs, and applicants must be willing to adapt to such conditions. Additionally, candidates must show an ability to communicate effectively and expediently, especially with respect to problem-solving and conflict resolution. Interviews also delve into personal traits of an applicant, such as employment history, job skills, personality, work ethic, and ability to handle the physical and mental demands of the job.

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