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Tropical Smoothie pdf application

Why Apply to Tropical Smoothie Cafe With Print Applications?

To make the best impression, apply to Tropical Smoothie Cafe by turning your application in person. Applicants who print out and complete forms by hand go above and beyond the effort online candidates put in and give their applications the personal touch. Show this hardworking attitude by also handing forms to managers in person can help job seekers stand out from the pack.

Completing the Tropical Smoothie Cafe PDF Application

The four-page application for Tropical Smoothie Cafe asks job hopefuls to share about themselves and their goals. Write by hand in ink when filling in answers. Even those that include resumes should complete the entire form.

Personal Information
The first page begins by asking for name, social security number, and contact information, where the company can contact applicants. Next, circle Yes or No to questions about age, work permits, past employment or applications with Tropical Smoothie Cafe, and whether you have ever been refused bond.

Job Requirements
In this section, job hopefuls should write down the positions, shifts, and salaries desired. They should also answer whether there any parts of the job they can’t complete. Those that circle Yes should explain accommodations needed. Candidates looking for weekend work can answer Yes or No to questions about availability on weekends, overtime, type of work desired, and the date work could begin.

Education, Training, and Skills
Next, fill in all schools or training courses attended, including their names and locations as well as job seekers’ majors and degrees. Those that want to continue their education should describe their plans. There is also space to list other activities, honors, or offices, as well as any foreign languages known. Finally, applicants should describe interests and skills they feel qualify them for the position.

Employment Experience
Before filling out the chart with up to three past jobs, job hopefuls are asked to answer Yes or No questions about being fired and holding positions of trust in the past. They should also explain whether their current job knows they are leaving, and why they want this new position.

The next step is filling out the employment chart. Start by listing the most recent job first, and only mention work from the last five years. Candidates can include traditional jobs, as well as military service and temporary work. Circle Yes or No to show if resumes are attached to the form. For each job, list dates employed, company name, contact information, salary, position, supervisors, reasons for leaving, and main duties.

General Information and Agreement
Finally, read and answer the statements for applicants from different states by circling Yes or No. Questions ask about driver’s licenses, past crimes, and present legal issues. Applicants only need to answer questions for their state.

To finish the application, read the certification and agreement section and then sign and date the form about the bottom. By signing, candidates are saying that they agree to follow company rules about termination, background checks, employee handbooks, legal right to work, and drug use.

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