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How to Get a Job at True Religion

True Religion operates as an American fashion retailer with roughly 900 stores under the brand name. Applicants looking for work in the fashion retail industry may find job openings in popular shopping centers and malls across the country. The hiring process used to screen candidates allows applicants to assume work quickly and painlessly. Standard protocol for job seekers to gain employment includes a series of in-person interviews with store managers. Applicants may attend multiple interviews during the hiring process. The number of job interviews used to screen candidates typically depends on staffing needs by location.

Common Interview Questions

To begin initial job interviews, applicants respond to basic questions about the company, personal interest in the brand, and employment history. Applicants should research the fashion retailer prior to attending job interviews, as hiring personnel regularly ask questions directly related to business operations. Job seekers may tend interview questions like:

  • "How long has True Religion been in business?"
  • "What is the True Religion public call sign?"
  • "How many stores make up True Religion?"
The interview process then moves on to more personal questions about interests in working for the company, such as:
  • "How long do you see yourself working for us?"
  • "Why do you want a job at True Religion?"
  • "What is your favorite pair of True Religion jeans?"

How to Stand Out

While the first interview often carries a more formal tone, the second interview frequently turns attention to the applicant. Workers may face inquiries regarding impressions left on past employers, self-perceptions of style, career aspirations, and customer service scenarios used to gauge potential actions in the workplace. The very specific interview questions serve as an opportunity for workers familiar with the brand to stand out against other applicants. The company often prefers to hire individuals who genuinely enjoy the brand and possess a strong desire to promote and grow the company.

What to Expect During the Hiring Process

True Religion places extra emphasis on prospective employees knowing company history and products sold. Applicants should build upon the expectations of candidates held during the interview process by wearing True Religion clothing to each hiring session. Candidates may fare just as well wearing formal attire to job interviews, but the retail chain prefers fashionable individuals who reflect company styles. Each interview takes about 40 minutes to complete, with the entire hiring process lasting two weeks on average. Some applicants complete the interview process within a couple of days. Formal hiring determinations generally follow the final interview.


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