Turkey Hill Job Interview Questions & Tips

What to Expect During the Hiring Process

Turkey Hill Mini Markets, often shortened to Turkey Hill, frequently screens applicants to recruit talented new associates. The regional food and gas retailer needs employees to provide great customer service and complete simple, daily tasks. Job seekers often find employment openings on the company website and submit hiring request forms through the careers portal online. Managers review hiring request submissions and contact eligible applicants to set up face-to-face interviews at the location of desired employment. Most interviews feature a 1:1 format and consist of a brief question-and-answer session. Hiring managers may conduct group interviews when several candidates apply for the same position.

Preparing for an Interview

In preparation for the interview, applicants should become familiar with basic company information. Candidates should also review employment history in an effort to recall examples of providing great customer service and overcoming challenges at work. Additionally, applicants who put some thought into answering common interview questions typically perform well during meetings. Select business-casual clothes to wear, and assure a well-groomed appearance for the interview.

Common Interview Questions

Attend the interview on time, and provide the hiring manager with a printed resume to review. During the interview, applicants may field inquires like:

  • "Why are you pursuing a job here?"
  • "Can you work the graveyard shift?"
  • "Tell me about a time you solved a problem for a customer."
Maintain comfortable eye contact with the interviewer, and pause briefly to think about responses before answering. Interviewers often extend job offers to promising applicants by the end of the meeting. New associates are often sent for drug testing and background checks as the final step of the Turkey Hill hiring process.


  • jarrred says:

    How can i prepare myself for a second interview. I’m curious in knowing, what are some of the questions they ask.

  • sam says:

    Does Turkey Hill drug test during the FIRST interview? When do they drug test?

  • Bri says:

    I am currently being hired by turkey hill. What i mean by that is i have to go take a class and learn all about turkey hill such as the tobacco selling, where it came from etc. Pass the test and then I’m hired. The plus size of this class is that i get paid for it!!

    During the first interview he just asked basic questions like my availability and told me what he expects. He sent in my background check and i received a call from him a few days later. He wanted me to come in for a drug test. Thankfully it was just an oral drug test that only detects drugs from up to 24 hours.

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