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U.S. Foodservice formally operates under the name US Foods and serves as one of the largest distributors in the industry. The chain manages around 60 locations; however, employment opportunities in areas other than sales and stock, such as shipping, logistics, and IT, open regularly.

Facts About Working at U.S. Foodservice

Minimum Age to Work at U.S. Foodservice: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at U.S. Foodservice?)

U.S. Foodservice Hours of Operation: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at U.S. Foodservice: Customer Service Representative, Sales Associate, Account Executive, Auditor, Business Analyst, Business Development Manager, Buyer, Category Manager, Claims Specialist, Communications Specialist, Communications Manager, IT Asset Management Coordinator, Credit Coordinator, Delivery Driver, Assistant Sales Manager, General Sales Manager, Vendor Account Management Manager

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U.S. Foodservice Job Opportunities

A sizeable workforce of roughly 25,000 entry-level associates and career professionals work for the foodservice company internationally. More than a dozen different brands comprise the services provided by US Foods, which create expanding opportunities for employment in various areas of labor. The company hires individuals looking for long-term work who enjoy serving customers. A majority of positions available revolve around customer service.

The staffs assembled by U.S. Foodservice to carry out responsibilities to customers representing diverse backgrounds. Workers typically encounter team-oriented positions relying heavily on the jobs of others to perform departmental or divisional goals. Applicants should enjoy working with employees of varying experiences and circumstances. Customer-centric goals and expectations also cater to individuals who enjoy patron services and regular interaction with the general public.

US Foods Employment and Pay Scales

U.S. Foodservice entry-level job opportunities historically include openings at company retail locations. Job seekers may find part-time or full-time positions with generous pay and potential for career advancement. The minimum hiring age starts at 18 for the following jobs:


  • Like most retail jobs involving the sale of foods or food-related items for consumption, US Foods cashiers recommend products and services and limit the spoilage of merchandise.
  • Cashier associates also perform store opening and closing responsibilities in conjunction with other staff and management, stock shelves, and ring up purchases.
  • The foodservice industry leader requires high school diplomas or GEDs and at least one year of previous, related experience for employment consideration.
  • A typical cashier receives starting pay between $8.00 and $9.00 per hour and assumes a part-time schedule.


  • Another entry-level job title, the position of stocker involves continual manual labor.
  • Actions stockers must perform regularly include lifting, bending, reaching stooping, pushing, and pulling.
  • The ability to carry weight up to 75lbs. proves crucial for employment.
  • Employees should also possess basic computer abilities to enter data regarding product inventories.
  • Other job duties involve performing regular maintenance checks of facility grounds, unloading and loading deliveries, and auditing inventory.
  • Most stockers work night hours after stores close; however, morning and day shifts as well as holidays routinely comprise stocker associate schedules, as well.
  • Applicants must possess at least six months of experience as stockers or in similar roles.
  • Stockers may make as much as $14.00 or $15.00 an hour.


  • Selector represents an entry-level job title available in US Foods warehouses.
  • The position places workers in charge of retrieving goods and readying palettes for shipment.
  • Strong, capable individuals with self-starting, highly motivated personalities make for ideal candidates.
  • The foodservice company also places heavy emphasis on employee safety.
  • Selectors may work in environments of varying temperatures and conditions.
  • Hiring requirements also include a minimum of a year performing physical labor and at least six months of relatable warehouse experience.
  • Holiday and weekend shifts prove regular for the position in addition to consistent night hours.
  • Many selectors work strictly at night.
  • The strenuous nature of selector positions usually drive hourly pay rates as high as $20.00 or so, with experienced selectors making as much as $50,000 in annual salary options.

Tips For Applying

The domestic foodservice company scans potential employees for four characteristics: innovation, integrity, customer success, and teamwork. Applicants should exude each trait in some manner in order to catch the attention of hiring managers. Personable, upstanding, and creative individuals often fare best during the hiring process. Use past experiences to showcase successes in team-oriented or customer-centric environments. Related experience often plays a determining role in gaining employment and better illustrates qualities exemplifying the company values.

Application Status

US Foods requires applicants to create online profiles through a company careers portal. After submitting emails and generating usernames and passwords, applicants gain access to hundreds of career opportunities companywide. The personal online profiles also act as job hubs where individuals may save application progress, check on the statuses of outstanding applications, and save job searches. A majority of candidates undergo serious review prior to receiving callbacks for employment. Workers usually wait between one and four weeks after submitting applications before starting correspondence with management. Applicants reserve the right to call or email desired storefronts regarding possible employment or specific positions; however, workers should take into consideration the schedules of hiring personnel.

Benefits of Working at U.S. Foodservice

Job benefits primarily extend to workers in positions of 30 hours or more per week. Eligible associates enjoy paid time off, employee assistance programs, 401(k) retirement plans, and options for healthcare coverage, including:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision, and prescription drug insurance

Qualified employees also receive educational assistance, life insurance, and disability coverage. Locations may extend non-qualifying workers discounts on products and services in addition to competitive pay and opportunities for career growth.

More Information on US Foods

In addition to foodstuffs, U.S. Foodservice acts as a major distributor of culinary equipment. Commercial chefs and domestic consumers alike may choose from wide assortments of kitchen equipment available at physical store locations and online. Items for sales include merchandise ranging from walk-in coolers, industrial ranges, menu covers, and table displays to pots, pans, measuring cups, containers of various sizes, and glassware.


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    I’m an unloader. I unload two to three trucks a night and I also select items to bin in the frozen freezer. I bin the overstock items as well, and how it works is I have to open the box and check how many items are in them to be binned.

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