U.S. Foodservice Interview Questions & Tips

Rigorous Hiring Process

US Foodservice conducts a rather rigorous process in hiring new employees. Prospective candidates may either apply online or in-person. Prior to meeting with hiring personnel, applicants should expect a pre-screening phone interview. The phone sessions generally precede one-to-one job interviews. Panel interviews also prove common formats used during the hiring process. The specific length of each interview process tends to vary by job title; however, candidates should expect to sit through at least two interviews and spend up to four weeks going through necessary procedure for hire.

Emphasize Previous Food Industry Experience

Applicants should note most US Foods interview questions tend to focus on past experiences in similar work environments. Previous knowledge of the food industry regularly proves essential. Come prepared to ask relevant questions and to answer theirs with both honesty and clarity. Interviews may also include standard behavioral questions relevant to the job title. At the end of the interview process, the food service company characteristically conducts both drug screening and background checks.

How to Stand Out and Make a Good Impression

Candidates should arrive at US Foods on time and ready to make a positive impression. Dress appropriately for the desired position. Entry-level job seekers should dress business-casual, meaning slacks, polo shirts or button-downs for men, while women should wear skirts, blouses or an informal dress. Individuals vying for a management position should wear a suit and tie or a more professional dress. Maintain eye contact with each interviewer while speaking clearly and calmly. Remember to show an understanding of the food service industry while demonstrating an understanding of company standards and goals, as well. Once the process concludes, applicants should check frequently to inquire about job status.

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