UBS Interview Questions & Tips

Lengthy Interview Process

UBS uses college recruiting as a major means of finding new workers to assume available jobs. Other means of beginning the hiring process include putting in formal resumes and cover letters at desired branches or submitting employment materials online. Applicants who go through college recruitment channels typically spend a couple months going through the interview process. More traditional means of gaining employment with the financial services company generally take about one or two months to complete. Experience in the industry and position desired often influence overall time spent interviewing.

Interview Process Differs Between Job Titles

The average time and specific processes applicants experience depend on the job desired. The UBS interview process for analysts usually include initial group hiring sessions followed by one-on-one meetings. The hiring process for financial advisor jobs regularly features a single, face-to-face interview onsite with a manager and a personality and skills assessment. The group interviews used to screen analysts, both interning and full-hire, take place at college campuses in most cases, and often feature five or more other candidates vying for similar positions. The group interview generally plays out the most intensive of all formal formats used to gauge employment eligibility. Second rounds of interviews, if necessary, generally last between 20 and 30 minutes and feature more casual conversation.

What to Prepare For the Interview

Topics broached by hiring staff vary by position. Many applicants report very basic interview questions at the early onset of the hiring process, with more intensive, job specific inquiries posed during latter stages of screening. Workers may receive inquisition in subject areas like employment in the financial services industry, reasons for choosing UBS to find jobs, or market and industry trends. Some examples of very general queries include, "Do you like working with numbers?" and "Do you work well with others as part of a team?"

How to Make a Good Impression

Dressing well and arriving early to UBS job interviews play important roles in receiving hiring consideration. The well-respected company looks to maintain reputations of excellent service by onboarding professional, dedicated, and self-motivated individuals. Applicants should wear office-appropriate attire and display strong, working knowledge of finances, the stock market, and savings. Workers may also receive questioning into long-term and short-term goals in regard to careers and personal lives. Remain candid, genuine, and positive with hiring personnel while maintaining behavior expected in an office environment. Taking time to review company policies, practices, and services often benefits prospective associates, as well.

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