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Employment hopefuls may apply online with American sports clothier Under Armour to begin work in customer service settings. Entry-level jobs with the retail chain prove accessible to first-time workers, while career opportunities for experienced job seekers also remain lucrative.

Facts About Working at Under Armour

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Under Armour?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Stock Room Associate, Merchandise Handler, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Manager In Training, Graphic Designer, Accounts Receivable Specialist, Assistant Controller, Payroll Specialist, Creative Director, Designer, Account Marketing Manager, Media Designer, Web Developer, Merchandising Analyst, Tester, Sales Activist, Web Merchandiser, Distribution Recruiter, Application Support Analyst, Architect, Desktop Support Specialist, Systems Analyst, Project Manager, Developer, Demand Analyst, Footwear Planner, Sales Planner, Product Liner Manager, Master Scheduler, Integrity Lab Technician, Merchant, Sales Director, Logistics Coordinator

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Under Armour Job Opportunities

Founded in 1996, the company boasts over 100 locations throughout the United States. Retail stores bearing the Under Armour name exist in two separate capacities. Specialty brand house locations sell wide varieties of brand products, and employees provide customer service in the busy atmospheres. Factory house locations prove far more plentiful, which retail discounted and clearance items under the company name. Stores need to hire helpful and hardworking team members to continue profitable operations.

Under Armour creates a niche in the sports industry with unique and desirable merchandise, and demand for the specialized items creates consistent work at retail outlets. Signature products of the company remain the high-quality synthetic-fiber shirts and compression shorts designed to reduce perspiration and improve physical performance during outdoor activities. Employees also sell select items such as apparel, accessories, and equipment to customers. Sports enthusiasts and athletes often seek employment with the company. Hiring personnel expect workers to show mild-to-moderate interest in areas related to sports for employment consideration.

Under Armour Jobs and Salary Options

Job opportunities with the retail chain exist for new workers and career-driven professionals alike. Candidates generally access entry-level employment without particular educational background, though high school diplomas or GED equivalents may increase chances of hire. Applicants typically need to stand at least 18 years of age to apply to the sporting goods chain. The following positions regularly prove available with Under Armour:

Sales Associate

  • Carrying minimal hiring requirements and average hourly pay rates of about $9.00, Under Armour sales associate jobs remain attractive opportunities for starting workers without prior experience.
  • Combining duties related to stocking, cashier work, and sales, positions involve multitasking and frequent changes of pace based on business levels in stores.
  • Communication skills prove integral to job responsibilities, as employees must interact with patrons and in assist purchase decisions in a clear and effective manner.
  • Typical work days involve prolonged standing and talking with customers about products and sales, lifting merchandise and setting up displays, and ringing up patron items and dispensing receipts.

Associate Manager

  • Associate managers inspire and organize team members to drive store productivity.
  • Supervisory employees perform the duties of subordinates and fill out necessary paperwork while upholding company standards.
  • Responsibilities also include training, interviewing, and providing constructive criticism to workers and prospective new associates.
  • Hourly pay for management employees hovers around $12.00.
  • Candidates with bachelor’s degrees or extensive retail experience fare best in applying for associate manager jobs with Under Armour, though prerequisites remain flexible.
  • Salary options rise with experience.

Tips For Applying

Motivated and customer-service-savvy job seekers often face encouraging prospects for hire with the sports clothing retailer. Under Armour hires predominantly through online applications, as paper hiring forms remain largely phased out for the company. The application allows candidates to upload resumes, and job hopefuls should take advantage of the feature to showcase talents. Personal or professional interests in sports remain highly favored in applicants seeking employment. Work aspirants should showcase interest or knowledge of professional and recreational sports in order to gain preferential treatment during the hiring process.

Application Status

The hiring process usually takes about two weeks. Job seekers may call or visit stores to check on the status of applications beforehand. Candidates should also factor in the time necessary to complete background and substance screenings before following up too repeatedly with the company.

Benefits of Working at Under Armour

A majority of Under Armour job benefits relate exclusively to full-time workers. Staff members enjoy competitive perks, such as medical, dental, vision, and life insurance coverage plans. The company offers stock purchase options for full-time management employees, as well. Part-time employees benefit from flexible scheduling possibilities and staff discounts of up to 50% off on store merchandise. Workers may additionally receive 401(k) retirement plans, depending on job title and time spent with the retail chain.

More Details on Under Armour

Created by entrepreneur Kevin Plank, Under Armour proudly participates in several charitable programs. Corporate giving for the business falls under three major divisions. Through the UA Freedom program, donations to veteran, first respondent, military, and law enforcement support organizations number over $250,000 annually. The corporation also boasts over $2 million in yearly contributions to breast cancer research and awareness through the Power in Pink initiative. Support for youth athletics in underprivileged areas exists through the UA Win program, as well. Headquarters for the company stand in Baltimore, MD.

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