Under Armour Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Under Armour

Popular athletic-wear brand Under Armour manages physical store locations in addition to vending through numerous retail outlets across the United States. Applicants interested in working for the retail chain must first submit hiring materials online. A pre-screening phone interview may take place prior to meeting with hiring staff in-person and immediately following the submission of all required materials. The company contacts prospective workers regarding the opportunity to interview for a desired position within a week, generally. Applicants then meet with hiring officials, which generally consist of district managers, store managers, and supervisors, to determine eligibility.

What to Expect During the Hiring Process

Under Armour job interviews often boast one-to-one formats. Some locations use group interviews to screen for eligible workers, especially in instances where a large number of candidates vie for the same position. Potential sales associates and cashier job hopefuls typically spend the least amount of time in the interview process, with the average entry-level worker encountering one or two interviews at most. Managerial candidates sometimes encounter up to three interviews. The protocol for entry-level job interviews includes basic question-and-answer sessions with the hiring staff. Applicants respond to general questions about interests in the position, availability, and customer service. Sometimes, interview questions touch on the subject of employee conduct, such as: "Are you able to behave appropriately in a work environment where people may wear tight-fitting clothing?" Hiring managers may also ask about ability to work as part of a team and aptitude for sports equipment and general knowledge of athletics.

How to Ace Your Interview

Professional personal conduct, flexible availability, and team-player attitudes represent some of the more sought-after traits of aspiring crew members. During the hiring process, managers look for individuals who take sales and customer service seriously, but with the ability to perform both in personable, friendly, and knowledgeable manners. Applicants with ongoing or recent backgrounds in sports tend to receive further consideration over other candidates. Highlight any past experiences or loves of sport in general to receive additional approval and potentially increase odds of landing a job offer. Dress for job interviews should always include professional attire, i.e. sensible and respectable business-casual clothing or formalwear. Attend each interview in a positive and enthusiastic mindset and address hiring personnel in a forthcoming manner. Under Armour typically extends job offers at the end of the final interview, although the retail chain may contact successful applicants within a week or so to offer employment depending on the number of candidates still left to review.


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