Underground by Journeys Interview Questions & Tips

Simple One-On-One Interviews

Stylish shoe retailer Underground by Journeys, previously known as Underground Station, utilizes a simple interview process in order to find fun, personable team members. Interviews are generally held one-on-one with an assistant manager or store manager. Most interviews are relaxed and last about 20 minutes. The focus of the interview is to evaluate an applicant's personality and background.

Typical Interview Questions

Some questions a job candidate may come across include:

  • "What do you like about Underground by Journeys?"
  • "What relevant sale experience do you have?"
  • "Tell me about a time when you went out of your way to provide great customer service."
Interviews often end with job offers. In some cases, applicants may receive an offer for work a few days following interviews.

What to Wear

Underground by Journeys is known for its fashionable shoes, and job seekers should go into interviews looking slick. Clothing should be appropriate for an interview but show some stylish flair. The shoe retailer prefers to hire workers with passion for the brand, and candidates outfitted with Underground shoes in the interview earn additional hiring consideration. Applicants also want to show proper hygiene by sporting clean and styled hair and properly trimmed nails.

Mandatory Fun

In addition to good outward appearances, applicants should reflect favorable inward traits, like positivity, helpfulness, and work ethic. Having fun is top priority , and job seekers want to present themselves as entertaining and fun-loving individuals with infectious personalities. Candidates want to smile often and provide upbeat answers to all questions. Responses should reflect focus on customer service. If possible, applicants should bring up former work experience providing examples of showing guests enjoyable shopping experiences.

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