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A premier transportation company, Union Pacific links 23 states in the Western U.S. The railroad supports the American way of life by delivering lumber for homes, food, and energy for power plants. Workers submitting applications create a nation by building careers with the company.

Facts About Working at Union Pacific Railroad

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Union Pacific Railroad?)

Available Positions: Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Operations Analyst, Applications Engineer, Diesel Electrician, Diesel Mechanic, Freight Car Repair Technician, Bridge and Building Carpenter, Bridge and Building Electrician, Claims Representative, Material Handler, Systems Engineer, Train Crew Member, Track Laborer, Project Designer, Work Equipment Mechanic, Installation Technician, Mechanical Systems Manger, Account Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Union Pacific Railroad Job Outlook

Under Congress, the Pacific Railroad Act of 1862 allowed for the construction of railroads from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean. With a deadline of July 1, 1874, The Union Pacific Railroad Company formed under the act and received $48,000 in government bonds to begin construction. Some of the industries served include agricultural products, automotive, chemicals, energy, industrial products, and intermodal. The different industries fuel success and help power growth. Since railroads hold essential for the economy, careers remain stable and always available. Full-time and part-time positions open frequently.

Serviced by more than 50,000 employees, the railroad operates nearly 9,000 locomotives and over 32,000 route-miles. Operations and professional careers remain in widespread accessibility for qualified candidates. Union Pacific promotes from within and actively seeks to advance skills of the workforce. Workers engage in development programs targeted for specific positions, as well. Team members represent surrounding communities and come from a variety of backgrounds. Several employee resources groups demonstrate the viewpoints of diverse members.

Union Pacific Railroad Employment and Wages Information

Some positions receive hundreds of applications. Candidates must stand apart from the applicant pool by possessing basic qualifications and additional attributes. Previous experience remains preferred and very helpful in securing positions. Flexible work schedules increase applicant chances, as well. Certain openings require valid driver’s licenses and clean driving records. Others insist workers pass physical ability and skill-related tests. The following job titles stand available:

Train Crew

  • Crew members operate locomotive equipment.
  • Workers must follow safety precautions and comprehend regulations and instructions carefully.
  • Team members analyze and identify problems by offering solutions or alternatives.
  • Salary packages begin at $40,000 a year with limited previous experience required.
  • Often physically demanding, employees often need to push, pull, lift, and carry up to 25 pounds while on the job.
  • Candidates may not possess alcohol or drug related driving convictions for 36 months from time of application submission.
  • Other requirements include valid driver’s licenses, safety orientations, and basic keyboarding skills.

Apprentice Freight Car Repair

  • According to FRA regulations, AAR rules, and company polices, repairers inspect, repair, rebuild, and service railroad freight cars.
  • Workers accomplish tasks with the use of hand tools, powers tools, cutting torches, and welding equipment.
  • Previous welding experience stands preferred.
  • Positions require kneeling, bending, walking long distances, heavy lifting, and pushing/pulling objects weighing as much as 50 pounds.
  • Apprentices should expect physically demanding work days.
  • Basic arithmetic and ability to extract information from tables and charts assists in completing necessary assignments.
  • Candidates must also possess valid driver’s licenses and clean driving records.
  • With attractive pay rates of nearly $25.0 an hour to start, repair positions tend to receive large numbers of applications.


  • By providing exceptional dining, beverage, and housekeeping services to Union Pacific staff and guests, individuals in server/housekeeping roles make hourly wages of over $12.00.
  • Qualified applicants possess interpersonal skills and thrive in team environments.
  • Since the positions require customer focus, workers must remain professional and detailed.
  • Servers assist butlers in meal and area arrangement.
  • Work spaces must be cleaned and maintained throughout the night according to established policies and procedures.
  • Housekeepers also perform evening duties, such as assisting with laundry, washing dishes, and preparing guest rooms for the night.
  • Preferred applicants possess associate degrees in hospitality services; however, candidates with high school diplomas or equivalents remain eligible.

Tips For Applying

Candidates need Union Pacific accounts in order to fill out applications for positions. Individuals can browse through available openings and sign up for automatic notifications to receive alerts about recent jobs. After selecting a position, job seekers create accounts with personal information and email addresses. The career portal should work on most major browsers, tablets, and smartphones. Applicants may upload resumes, cover letters, transcripts, essays, and work samples. Contenders should utilize job carts to save openings in personal accounts, as well. Career Matcher acts as a tool to assist hopefuls in the process of identifying potential job matches. Military Matcher performs similarly and locates careers for veterans based on the skills learned in the military.

Application Status

Applications show as active, in process, or inactive depending on completion levels. To receive text message updates on accounts, users should edit contact information. Qualified candidates receive phone calls after submitting applications normally within a few days. Entire hiring processes may range from three weeks to over a month long with multiple interviews. The company sometimes pays to fly prospective contenders to second interview locations. Pre-employment tests remain common and include skill craft battery, physical ability, and color vision assessments. Job seekers should follow up with hiring managers after submitting applications.

Benefits of Working for Union Pacific Railroad

Employees select from an array of benefit choices, far from basic. Specific benefits depend on locations and positions of workers. Union and non-union staff members receive different options depending on collective bargaining agreements and Benefits Design teams. One of the healthiest employers in the nation, Union Pacific offers top-notch healthcare coverage.

  • Vision, dental, and medical insurance hold available to full-time workers.
  • Eligible individuals also pay nothing for life insurance and disability of up to $50,000.

Various wellness programs, such as:

  • Employee assistance programs,
  • Health assessments,
  • Fitness services, and smoking cessation programs,
  • Demonstrate the railroads interest in workers health.

Employment benefits packages also include 401(k) plans, pensions, and long-term care. Paid time off in the form of vacations and holidays remain available to qualified personnel, as well.

More Information on Union Pacific Railroad

The Union Pacific Foundation, primary philanthropic arm of Union Pacific Corporation, distributes funds to qualified organizations in surrounding communities. Since 1959, the foundation allocates operating profits to roughly half of screened nonprofit 501(c)(3) groups. Applications undergo competitive review processes to determine worthiness. Most approved organizations play vital roles within communities where employees live and work. In 2015, 18 Wyoming groups received $190,000 to support community, cultural, health and human services. Some of the nonprofits included Cowgirls of the West, United Way of Laramie County, Boys & Girls Club of Evanston, Hospice of Laramie, and Pine Bluffs Senior Center Inc. Within the same year, countless other states, such as Wisconsin, Utah, Missouri, and Nevada, accepted funds from the company.

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