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Download a printable USPS employment form.

USPS pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the USPS Application

The highly visible jobs most USPS employees assume upon hire require individuals with adept communication and time-management abilities. Workers vying for available jobs must demonstrate such qualities in order to gain employment with the government-funded agency. However, submitting electronic applications online reduces the number of opportunities candidates encounter to fully display professional abilities suited to positions desired. Printing out and completing printable documents forces face-to-face confrontations with hiring personnel, which serve as ideal platforms to show off personalities and ask general questions about employment.

How to Fill out the USPS PDF Application

Applicants need to gather details about current and former addresses when completing the hiring forms. In total, the application should only take between 15 and 20 minutes to fill out. Other points covered on the brief, one-page document include former aliases and the rights of workers submitting forms. Write legibly and correct errors entirely. Mistakes require whiteout or reprinting of the documents.

“Privacy Act Statement”
The USPS printable hiring form begins with a privacy statement outlining government policy on the dissemination of applicant information. Read through the information, and then on the line below, offer last name, middle initial, and first name, date of birth, and home telephone number. Candidates may opt to use cell phone numbers as opposed to home telephone numbers, if desired.

“Other Names and Dates When Used”
Following the introductory section asking for contact information, applicants then offer details surrounding aliases assumed at any given point in professional careers. Candidates with no prior histories of using aliases may write N/A on each of the lines and move on in the document. For workers with applicable backgrounds, list aliases beginning with the most recent and provide the specific dates used.

“Where Have You Lived”
Applicants encounter a chart consisting of five separate rows asking for up to five personal addresses. Provide current addresses first and then list former residences. Information required includes the exact street number and name, county, city, state, and zip code for each entry. Workers must also list the time spent at each location.

“Consent and Authorization”
The USPS PDF closes with waivers stating the rights of workers regarding information provided and authorization for the government agency to conduct background checks accordingly. Signing and dating the form certifies the information as accurate and truthful.