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The United States Postal Service (USPS) has operated for more than two centuries and remains relevant by adapting to the needs of the American public. Applicants looking for work can apply online.

Facts About Working at United States Postal Service

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at United States Postal Service?)

Available Positions: Carrier, customer service representative, driver, mail handler assistant, postmaster, retail clerk, student supervisor

Printable Application: Yes. Print United States Postal Service application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

United States Postal Service Employee Interview Videos

United States Postal Service Job Opportunities

Entry-level positions are available to students who have graduated within two years from an accredited university with a bachelors, masters, or doctorate. The goal of USPS internship and training programs is to ensure recent graduates obtain work experience and develop critical professional skills.

The USPS has an extensive hiring process. Job seekers must be United States citizens, permanent residents, citizens of American Samoa, or other U.S. territory. Prospective workers must also provide a complete employment history, as well as pass criminal background checks, drug screenings, and medical assessments to be hired.

USPS Employment and Salary Information

Multiple job and career opportunities are available through the USPS. Candidates must apply online and go through a complete screening and assessment process to gain employment. Various full-time and part-time roles are available. Veterans are given preference in hiring process.

Mail Handler

  • Mail handlers will load, unload, and move bulk mail, as well as perform other duties related to mail processing.
  • Hourly wages range from $15.00 to $17.00.
  • USPS mail handlers may use basic machinery and perform consistent manual labor, as well.


  • City and rural carriers may make up to $20.00 an hour.
  • Mail delivery is done on foot or by vehicle under varying road conditions in an assigned area. Other responsibilities include inspecting vehicles, loading mail, and other basic manual labor.
  • USPS carriers should be in excellent physical condition.
  • Retail Clerk

  • Formally called PSE sales, service, and distribution associates, clerks work the front counter.
  • Duties include interacting with customers while selling stamps and other postal products.
  • Starting hourly wages for USPS retail clerks is around $15.00.
  • Tips For Applying

    The USPS offers several resources on their website that help candidates complete their application form. It is recommended to create a candidate profile when starting the hiring process. Be sure to read the job application carefully and complete all tasks specific to jobs you are seeking.

    Application Status

    Candidates should closely monitor email accounts for correspondence. The review process varies as there are many jobs and requirements for each position. Applicants may be asked to provide more information or may be contacted to schedule an assessment test.

    Benefits of Working for USPS

    USPS employees enjoy a wide range of job benefits, such as healthcare coverage with medical insurance as well as dental and vision options. Eligible employees can earn paid time off and paid vacation, as well. Workers also have access to retirement plans and Thrift Savings, which are similar to 401(k) plans.

    Additional Information on USPS

    The USPS has over 200,000 vehicles, one of the largest civilian fleets in the world. Part of this fleet is being replaced by next generation vehicles with advances in ergonomics, safety, fuel efficiency, and lowered emissions.


    • Beth says:

      Hi! I have worked for the USPS for years. The best way to find out about a job is to contact your local postmaster. And by the way, after many years of service I still have no benefits because you have to be a career employee to get them-anotherwords you stand in line and wait for someone to quit, retire, get fired, or die. The hours for mail carriers are- you are done when you deliver your mail- all your mail- however long it takes. Hope this helps.

    • Debra David says:

      I worked for the post office for several years. My duties consisted of boxing mail by zip codes and working with a FSM machine, which was called the flat sorter.

    • cynthia owens says:

      I have worked for the postal service before. I loaded and unloaded mail and sorted it. I also handled first class mail. I enjoyed working there.

    • Ronald Michael Shewach says:

      How do I apply for a USPS job without paying a fee?

    • Mark Hauser says:

      I worked for the postal service for 40 years. I retired. I want to know if I can keep my pension and come back as a CCA to help deliver the mail for a wage for the hours I work and keep the pension that I earned for my years of service.

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