United Supermarkets Interview Questions & Tips

Beginning the Hiring Process

Serving nearly a million shoppers a week, United Supermarkets frequently hire new workers and maintains a casual yet professional interview process to assess the qualifications of potential crew members. The family-owned grocery chain typically interviews candidates onsite at local stores. Most job seekers go through one or two rounds of interviews before qualifying for employment. Department managers, recruiters, or store directors usually officiate interviews either individually or as a panel. The Texas-based chain of supermarkets also occasionally holds job fairs in which applicants complete the interview process over the course of two or three days.

Common Interview Topics

United Supermarkets generally looks for employees with upbeat personalities, positive attitudes, and the availability to work a variety of shifts. The types of questions often asked interviewers include:

  • "Why do you want to work for us?"
  • "How do you define customer service?"
  • "How flexible is your schedule?"
Hiring managers frequently ask questions probing into goals achieved or problems resolved at former jobs to determine whether candidates have the right skillsets for working in a grocery store. Interviewees may also need to validate their skills by briefly performing job duties related to the desired position, like reading and analyzing the directions on a prescription or greeting actual customers. Depending on the type of vacancy, United Supermarkets may request that applicants return for up to three additional interviews.

How to Make a Good Impression

Like most retailers, United Supermarkets remains committed to providing outstanding customer service and expects workers to maintain professional appearances. Job seekers should follow suit by showing up to the interview neatly groomed and properly dressed up. If applicable, interviewees may also want to bring copies of their resume for the convenience of the hiring manager. While still remaining professional, try to relax enough during the interview to showcase your true personality, as the company bases hiring decisions largely on the ability of applicants to interact positively with others.

Following Up

After completing the interview process, candidates usually hear back within a few days to a few weeks. Following up periodically during this time often proves advantageous for serious job seekers.


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