Urban Behavior Interview Questions & Tips

Questions to Expect During the Interview

Affordable unisex retailer Urban Behavior looks for the most dependable workers during the job interview process. For many positions, candidates undergo question and answer sessions held by store managers or shift leaders. Most interviews are held 1:1 and last between 15 and 30 minutes. Hiring managers usually begin interviews with basic questions, like:

  • "Why do you want to work at Urban Behavior?"
  • "What can you bring to the company?"
  • "What relevant experience do you have?"
Urban Behavior then poses more challenging behavioral interview questions, such as:
  • "Could you name five good and five bad things about yourself?"
  • "How do you ensure a customer receives exceptional service?"
At the conclusion of each interview, applicants typically pick out an outfit or two from the clothes available in-store. Depending on location and position, some candidates may need to undergo background checks, drug screenings, and skills tests.

How to Get a Job at Urban Behavior

Attend job interviews on time and dressed to impress. Urban Behavior stays up-to-date on the hottest fashion trends. Show off fashion sense by wearing stylish, on-trend outfits throughout the interview process; however, keep the outfits appropriate for the workplace and always err on the side of sensibility. Maintain a positive and confident attitude, as well. Answer each question in clear and concise manners. When responding to behavioral questions keep answers true to your personality and avoid just giving answers you think the attending manager wants to hear. Make sure to thank the interviewer at the end of the session and follow up a few days later to increase odds of employment.


  • Konthea says:

    what kind of questions do they ask and what kind of clothes should they dress?

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