US Airways Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at US Airways

The hiring process begins with applying online. Hopefuls must use the American Airlines website since the company now owns US Airways. Career candidates usually hear back from staff a few weeks after submitting an application. Multiple interviews may be required for some roles.

Job Interview Styles

Different Types of Meetings

The interview process differs for certain US Airways careers. Positions in customer service and maintenance often involve phone, one-on-one, and group interviews. Applicants interviewing for specialized jobs might need to attend company presentations.

Pre-Employment Screenings

Toward the end of the US Airways interview process, most prospective employees undergo a comprehensive background check, drug screening, and jet bridge certification. Other job-related tests, such as a reach test and language proficiency exam, are necessary for relevant positions as well.

Attend College Career Fairs

Find Open Jobs on Campus

The airline visits college campuses each year during job fairs. It also regularly posts openings across universities to fill a wide range of roles. Students pursuing both undergraduate and graduate degrees may be eligible for US Airways job interviews through their school.

US Airways Interview Questions

Typical Discussion Topics

During interviews for US Airways careers, hopefuls often hear questions such as:

How Should You Dress?

What to Wear for US Airways Interviews

US Airways jobs require employees to dress professionally, so interviewees should do the same. A suit, tie, and formal shoes are good options for men. Women should wear a blouse, knee-length skirt, and closed-toe shoes. Choosing the right outfit is an important part of getting ready.

Remember to Prepare

Presentation is Everything

Speaking clearly and confidently is a must during US Airways interviews. Preparing responses can help applicants present their best selves and improve chances in the hiring process. Managers are impressed by candidates who show passion and preparation.


  • Siksha Ori says:

    Hi! I would love to have answers to all of the above questions please. Not particularly the question about lunch! I am interested in the starting pay as well. Thanks.

  • Cathalene says:

    what to expect: very nice people; types of questions: scenario… ; clothes: hmmm… professional i suppose (although that didn’t seem to matter); education: not much apparently; who cares about the free food… do you expect free food from any employer?? a luxury and very nice they offered muffins, sandwiches, etc., during the interview… but PLEASE don’t expect if you are hired… what are you thinking?… starting pay is very good i thought… interview starts with introductions and if you stutter, apologize for losing your train of thought, etc., good job i suppose… you will probably be selected… no planning can prepare for this type of interview… I’m not sure what psycological aspect they were pursuing… very disappointed… lack of eye contact…

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