Valero Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring Process for Entry-Level Jobs at Valero

Valero seeks to employ candidates at gas stations across the country. Candidates who display determination by following up on the initial submission of hiring materials may be successful in scheduling interview sessions. Recruiters typically perform introductory phone screenings, and potential candidates attend one-to-one interviews with hiring personnel afterward. Candidates should anticipate several interviews and the entire interview process may take upwards of three weeks, depending on the position sought. Many entry-level job seekers may receive employment offers within the first week.

Common Interview Questions to Expect

Interviewers typically pose behavioral and situational questions to see how well applicants work with others. Hiring managers commonly probe for applicable skills from past jobs as well as the greatest weakness of applicants. Common queries may consist of:

  • "What shifts are you available to work?"
  • "Do you have reliable transportation?"
  • Managerial candidates may face a longer screening process, lasting up to three weeks. Routine interview questions posed include:
    • "What would you consider your management style?"
    • "How would you grow sales at your location?"
    Though possible to receive job offers after the initial meeting, multiple interviews often ensue before hiring decisions become final. Applicant hire may also be contingent on drug screening and background checks.

    How to Ace Your interview at Valero

    The company hires candidates with strong team-oriented attitudes and who possess excellent customer-focused skills. Before interviewing, candidates should come up with examples that effectively demonstrate their skill at performing the duties of the desired job. Answer all questions with confidence and sincerity, and display any prior knowledge of the industry, if possible. While some job seekers may receive job offers at the conclusion of the hiring process, other applicants may need to follow up with hiring personnel once the interview process finishes.


  • john says:

    Does Valero drug test?

  • Tyler says:

    Yes, they test everything by hair.

  • mary says:

    How much do they pay per hour ? And is it bi weekly or weekly pay ?

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