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Maintaining a vibrant past, Valvoline started creating engine lubricant in 1866. The company continues to change formulas fulfilling the demands of consumers and vehicles. Innovative employees flourish in entry-level jobs and careers with competitive pay and comprehensive work benefits.

Facts About Working at Valvoline

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Valvoline?)

Available Positions: Store Technician, Equipment Technician, Mechanic, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Valvoline Job Opportunities

Formulating a petroleum-based lubricant, Dr. John Ellis founded the company and later trademarked the name in 1873. Valvoline operates as a business unit of Ashland Inc., a global leader producing chemical products and services. Headquartered in Lexington, KY, the motor company also performs oil changes within the 930 service centers located in the United States. In oil changing facilities, job seekers may locate positions in customer service, management, and as technicians. Further opportunities remain available in corporate offices, as well.

Valvoline sets clear career paths for individuals to follow when advancing within the company. Positions clearly define the necessary amounts of experience and training needed in order to receive promotions. The extensive Super-Pro 10 program provides users with up-to-date skills in the automotive industry. Effectively designed, each opening maintains training programs fitted to related topics. Employees gain education through online tools, hands-on experience, and classroom courses. Team environments encourage workers to ask questions and approach each other. The company favors applications from prospective staff members who proactively engage in discussions and present unique perspectives.

Valvoline Careers and Salary Information

Perfecting automotive fluid formulas for decades, Valvoline focuses on customer safety and expanding the lives of vehicles. Potential employees should demonstrate genuine interest for helping others and satisfying the needs of patrons. Qualified candidates submitting applications also possess passion for the automotive industry. Applicants may need valid driver’s licenses and clean driving records, depending on positions desired. Job hunters should also stand over 18 years of age and hold high school diplomas or equivalents. Little experience remains necessary to fill out applications for the job titles found below:

Customer Service Advisor

  • Knowledgeable advisors greet incoming customers and present oil change options and additional services.
  • Earning salary packages of $28,000 to $30,000 a year, customer service employees should maintain familiarity with manufacturer recommendations.
  • By building meaningful rapports, consumers should feel welcomed and encouraged to return.
  • On-the-job training programs prep workers for performing face-to-face interactions with clients.
  • Staff members stand for extended periods of time and normally adjust to varying temperature conditions easily.
  • Working quickly and mastering product information remains essential to complete assigned duties.

Office Assistant

  • Primarily offered in corporate locations, office assistants perform general secretarial duties.
  • Employees work closely with the staffing department to resolve concerns regarding new-hire background checks.
  • The preparation, encoding, and distribution of employee badges rests in the hands of assistants.
  • Staff members also work in conjunction with the Global Safe Driving Program to successfully facilitate motor vehicle records checks.
  • High school graduates (or equivalents) enjoy pay rates between $10.00 and $12.00 an hour.
  • General office experience remains desirable, with most applicants possessing two to four years gaining related skills.
  • Further requirements suggest proficiency in computer software, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Lotus Notes.

Auto Technician

  • Individuals putting forth effort and determination take entry-level auto technician positions to the next step and become certified.
  • Openings serve as training opportunities for career advancement within the company.
  • Progressing alongside certified and senior employees, new-hire technicians routinely complete oil changes.
  • Depending on customer needs, staff members may also service oil filters, air filters, grease fittings, lights, and wipers.
  • The occasional tire rotation proves commonplace, as well.
  • Positions demand physical attributes to successfully complete assigned tasks, which include full body mobility, working on hands and feet for expanded periods of time, and lifting up to 50 pounds.
  • Temperatures may also range from hot to cold and require adaptation.
  • Entry-level auto technicians make hourly wages between $9.00 and $10.00.

Tips For Applying

Candidates utilize interactive search functions to find careers meeting skill and education requirements. A handy map feature requests zip codes to locate nearby centers and current openings. Applicants browse through descriptions and skill prerequisites to identify job specifics. The options of applying online with a resume or through social media remain available depending on individual preferences. Employment seekers also hold the power to share opportunities through social networking sites and refer friends. Individuals sincerely interested in gaining occupations within the company should create profiles, which quicken application processes. Applying at local branches may allow personalities to shine through and demonstrate vigor.

Application Status

Depending on the location, candidates should expect variation in wait periods ranging from as little as a few days to more than three weeks. Hiring managers generally pursue applicants through telephone, often scheduling in-person interviews a few days after the fact. Occasionally, aspirants attend multiple meetings with varying level managers. Widely common, job seekers should expect to complete personality tests before continuing in hiring processes. Candidate dashboards allow individuals to review positions and the statuses of applications. If a few days to a week passes, assertive contenders should follow up in person or through phone calls and ask to speak with hiring leaders.

Employment Benefits for Valvoline

Proudly boasting employee videos, the workplace at Valvoline encourages friendly atmospheres with comprehensive job benefits.

  • Typically, after 90 days, full-time employees gain access to employment rewards.
  • Flexible hours with no late shifts grant staff members the opportunity to maintain active lifestyles outside of work.
  • Similarly, paid holidays and vacations improve work morale and encourage individuals to engage in personal and family time off.
  • Medical insurance along with dental and vision plans empower the workforce to stay healthy and seek preventive care.
  • Additional work benefits like 401(k) retirement plans, life insurance, and employee assistance programs, serve as bridges between a successful company and a happy labor force.

Supplementary Information about Valvoline

An excessive amount of time pours into the refining of and drilling for crude oil. Valvoline advocates for a smaller carbon footprint with an innovative product line called NextGen, which vouches to reduce and possibly even eliminate the lengthy process. Recycled oil furnishes nearly 50% of the premium product, which decreases the necessity of 56% of resources needed for virgin crude refining. Green, recycled oil lessens reliance on foreign oil and also stops the destruction of the environment. Approximately 3 billion quarts of oil end up consumed by trucks and cars every year in the United States. The reuse of the oil keeps contaminates out of soil and drinking water, ultimately protecting local ecosystems. One gallon of used oil may taint as much as one million gallons of water.


  • Tina Johnson says:

    Kyle and Sunny – I am a recruiter for the Valvoline Instant Oil Change locations in Minnesota and we would love to speak with you about jobs we have available in your locations. First you would need to apply online at and if you meet our basic requirements a recruiter or store manager will be in contact with you. Also we have several female and male employees we do not discriminate based on age, sex, creed, religion, etc…

    Thank you for choosing Valvoline!

    Tina Johnson

  • John says:

    I was wondering if Valvoline rehires employees looking to work for the company again.

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