Valvoline Interview Questions & Tips

Part-Time and Full-Time Jobs Available

Longtime industry leader Valvoline represents one of the oldest oil marketing companies in the United States. With such a storied and successful past leading to expansion in current markets, Valvoline often conducts hiring across several career fields ranging from entry-level sales jobs in retail to accounting and logistics positions at company headquarters located in Covington, KY. One of the most successful facets of the Valvoline brand includes repair centers operating in major cities, rural areas, and suburban communities across the U.S. The prominent oil company hires for part-time and full-time jobs using a relatively simple and straightforward interview process.

What to Expect During the Interview Process

Job seekers often spend between a few days and up to four weeks interviewing with various personnel during the hiring process. Valvoline interviews may last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on position desired and enthusiasm displayed by individual candidates. Most job interviews take place onsite and in-person. Assistant managers and supervisors generally represent the hiring personnel most applicants meet with when seeking positions at Valvoline retail locations. During the job interviews, the hiring representatives ask questions based on the hiring forms submitted regarding aptitude, trade skills, work ethics, and availability.

Common Interview Questions and Topics

Typical interview questions center on past experiences with previous employers or skills acquired through vocational training or personal curiosity. Applicants who show outside interest in the desired job title, i.e. customer service associates who enjoy interacting with others outside of work and technicians who work with automobiles in their spare time, generally gain favor with Valvoline hiring managers. Interview questions often posed to prospective workers include:

  • "What are your specific skillsets and how would you apply them on the job?"
  • "What is the difference between 10W30 and 5W30 oil?"
  • "What do you look forward to learning if hired?"

Tips for a Successful Interview

Some job hopefuls begin the process with a brief phone interview used to make initial contact with applicants and schedule subsequent interviews, which may include up to three additional sessions with hiring representatives. Wearing business-casual or professional attire best serves job seekers during the hiring process. Though some shops may allow facial hair and tattoos, many stores discourage either form of expression, and applicants should take the necessary precautions to increase odds of making a good first impression. Valvoline generally contacts successful candidates to extend formal job offers a few days after the final interview; however, some applicants may receive an offer of employment immediately following the final interview question.


  • Jesse says:

    When does Valvoline drug test?

  • Tank blue says:

    Interview process is quick they ask you what technical skills you have do you drive do you have any problems getting here what kin of car do you drive is there any days you can’t work have you ever changed oil what other jobs did you have are you currently working

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