Van Heusen Interview Questions & Tips

Short Hiring Process

Van Heusen stores hire applicants to represent the image of the brand. Individuals who exude fashion sense and personal style epitomizing the designs sold in-store at Van Heusen locations often excel during the hiring process. Interviews tend to run very brief, with the entire hiring process often wrapping up within a single day. 1-on-1 interviews represent the most common format used to screen entry-level applicants, while panel interviews often figure prominently into the hiring process for managerial candidates. Phone interviews also regularly appear during hiring proceedings for managerial jobs. The hiring process takes a week for most managers to complete and as little as a day for entry-level positions.

What to Expect During the Interview

Commonly regarded for high-fashions and formalwear, Van Heusen uses interview questions related to the fashion retail industry to gauge applicants for employment eligibility. Van Heusen interview questions primarily revolve around customer service and other common situations in the workplace, such as merchandising, loss prevention, and sales. Formal attire often requires tailoring and tempering. Applicants should be able to handle returns and customer grievances in timely and professional fashions. Van Heusen hiring managers may also prompt applicants to walk-through a basic sale in mock fashion.

Sample Questions

Specific Van Heusen interview questions include:

  • "Do you perform well as part of a team?"
  • "Do you know the difference between a Full Windsor Knot and a Half Windsor Knot?"
  • "Does a competitive workplace put you off?"
  • "How would you personally define customer service?"
Applicants typically respond to around five or six interview questions during each session. The average Van Heusen interview length depends on the position desired but generally falls somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes.

Emphasize Sales-Related Skills

Many positions rely heavily on commission for wages. Applicants should disclose any opposition to working for commission during the interview process, though refusing to work on commission-based pay may disqualify some job hopefuls from employment contention. Van Heusen candidates should also stress sales skills, customer service abilities, and accommodating personalities during the Van Heusen hiring process.

What to Wear

The formalwear retailer expects applicants to look sharp, dedicated, and motivated while on the job. Proper grooming, upbeat personalities, and exceptional dress cover the high expectations Van Heusen places on aspiring associates. Serious job seekers should wear suits and ties with dress shoes and formal pants, or dresses, professional or formal, with sensible tops and appropriate-length skirts.

Van Heusen Sales Associate Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Van Heusen Sales Associate: My job title was sales associate, so my duties were making sure the store was presentable to customers. Providing service to the customers. That ranged from cashier position, to whatever they asked us. If they needed help with certain items as well as dressing room duties. Making sure they were presentable as well to the customer.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?
Van Heusen Sales Associate: The work environment was very chill. It wasn’t very stressed at all. We weren’t always worried whenever you first walked through the doors or something like that. It wasn’t so much weight. We always had others there. I guess the only stressful part about the job would be if someone didn’t show up for work, you had to stay a few hours later. That’s as stressful as it got for the sales associate position there. The environment was very relaxed I would say.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
Van Heusen Sales Associate: The application process was simple. Fill out a form, background, work history and whatnot. Just your basic form. Once you submitted that they returned a call letting me know that I had an interview set up. The interview process was real simple. I met with one of the managers there, the store manager. She was very- Just simple questions that kind of reiterated what was on the form. Nothing too in depth. It was short, I’d say 20 to 30 minutes long. It was there in the store too. That’s as basic as it gets. Nothing again, stressful either. Didn’t have to really dress up, so it was completely fine. If you look good, you’ll be fine.

Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?
Van Heusen Sales Associate: Have you worked before? Do you speak English/Spanish? They really like that. If you can speak Spanish it was great because it’s an outlet mall. That was a very big plus. Once of the questions would be, they would put you in situations. When have you ever been under pressure? Things like that. What have you done to overcome a situation like that? How did you overcome a situation in which you were stuck and you needed to get out of it?, or confrontation as well. Dealing with people. How do you deal with people? They want to know how you would react to customers or your fellow sales associates. They wanted to make sure that you could work well with others. They asked those type of questions. A lot of it was relatable towards projects in classes, and things like that. Same situation type of things. That’s what my references were.

Interviewer: What set you apart from other candidates?
Van Heusen Sales Associate: Definitely that I could speak Spanish. That was a huge divider right there. That was a strong plus. The other one was definitely the questions that I just mentioned. Situations. Those are probably the two major ones because those are the things you deal with the most in these types of jobs, sales associate positions. The customers, you always meet those who are stubborn or those who will blow up in front of you. As long as you keep calm and collected, you’ll be fine. They make sure that you can handle that kind of scenario. The Spanish was definitely a huge plus. Also I’m sure if you have previous- At the time I didn’t have previous history but I’m sure that would’ve helped.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
Van Heusen Sales Associate: Try and look good. You don’t have to wear a suit to these types of positions but also don’t wear a torn shirt or torn jeans, things like that. Look presentable. You’re a college kid so they don’t expect much, but definitely look presentable. That would be helpful. Also during your interview, the questions that they ask you. Just be straightforward with it. You don’t have to elaborate too much with it, just get to the point. They just want to make sure that you can handle the job. Also, please be on time to the interview. Don’t cancel last minute, things like that, or keep cancelling your interviews. Let them know that you are willing to work and are ready to work as well.


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