Vans Interview Questions & Tips

Interview Process for Entry-Level Jobs

Applicants seeking sales associate jobs at Vans need to participate in group interviews, which are often followed by one 1:1 interviews with hiring managers. Group interviews usually include five to 10 candidates, and job hopefuls need to respond to a number of questions designed to evaluate personalities. Group interviews usually start out with fun questions like:

  • "What do you like most about the Vans culture?"
  • "If you had $1,000 to spend in the store, what would you get?"
Interviewers may then move on to ask behavioral questions to gauge work performance. Some questions job hunters may face include:
  • "What is the best experience you had at your last job and why?"
  • "What do you do when customers aren't in the store?"
  • "How do you handle an angry soccer mom?"
Following group interviews, successful applicants may be asked to talk with managers in private. In 1:1 interviews, applicants primarily need to talk about availability and past jobs. Applicants may also be asked to role-play and "sell" products to managers.

Managerial Interviews

Managerial applicants usually need to pass multiple interview rounds before earning job offers. Management interviews start off with questions about Vans history and products sold. After that, managerial applicants are asked to talk about themselves and explain what they could bring to the company. Interviewers may also ask questions regarding management style and customer care. A few questions managerial applicants often face in Vans interviews include:

  • "What was the most difficult challenge you have faced? What did you do to overcome it?"
  • "How do you motivate a team member to improve sale numbers?"
Managerial interviews with the footwear retailer may conclude with salary negotiations.

What to Wear

Vans has an edgy image, and applicants don't need to wear suits and ties for store associate jobs. Job seekers should dress nice but wear clothing that fits the Vans look. For guidance on what to wear, applicants should model looks after current employees. If possible, workers should wear Vans shoes or other clothing items to the interview to show passion for the brand. Management applicants should dress more conservatively, but formal business attire is not required.

How to Stand Out

Standing out in the group interview with Vans is important. Job hopefuls want to differentiate themselves by showing energetic and passionate attitudes. Candidates also want to show personable natures by interacting well with fellow participants and managers alike. In a 1:1 Vans interview, showing sales skills is the key. Job seekers should bring up any retail experience and emphasize abilities to make sales. Knowledge of Vans and active sports, such as skating, surfing, and snowboarding, greatly benefits a job hunter. Vans embodies the active lifestyle, and applicants fitting that lifestyle often earn job offers from the shoe store chain.


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    I have a job interview at the Vans Store on Monday Feb 6, 2012 and I was wondering if I should wear “Vans” to the interview? I think I am 🙂

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