Varsity Tutors Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors may use a combination of different interview methods to screen potential employees for work. The hiring process typically begins with a phone interview and then moves on to either in-person interviews or interviews conducted online via video conference. Many applicants cite meeting with hiring representatives through Gmail chat, Zoom, or Skype in order to complete the personal interview phase of the process. The initial phone interview generally lasts around 15 minutes and serves as an introductory meeting. Subsequent interviews, whether held onsite or online, may last 30 minutes or more, depending on experience, qualifications, and the natural flow of conversation.

What to Prepare for the Interview Process

The average applicant spends nearly a week going through the necessary steps of the Varsity Tutors interview process. Some applicants may need additional screening or experience longer waits due to large applicant fields and wait as long as two weeks for hiring managers to make final employment determinations. Each interview features very general inquisitions into LSAT, PACT, ACT, and SAT scores. Job seekers should gather information about prior testing scores ahead of time to streamline the interview process. Hiring personnel also ask very general interview questions about personality traits and habits, including:

  • "How do you spend your free time?"
  • "Do you enjoy helping others?"
as well as inquiries into professional histories, like:
  • "Have you ever helped tutor someone before?"
  • "Why do you think you'd make a great tutor?"

Thorough Background Checks

Once Varsity Tutors interviewers feel candidates meet the expectations of the positions in question, the managers then make formal offers of employment. Applicants typically receive hiring forms in the mail after the final interview date along with formal requests for background screenings. Candidates must comply with the orders for background checks prior to official start dates in order to work for the tutoring company. Workers who fail to complete the background checks may have job offers revoked or nullified. The ability to pass pre-employment screenings proves absolutely necessary for hire.

How to Make a Good Impression

The best ways to impress hiring personnel during the Varsity Tutors interview process include citing specific examples of work in education from past jobs and displaying exceptionally professional demeanors at all times. Because the mentoring firm works directly with students in-home, trustworthy and dependable individuals make the most ideal candidates. Applicants should also possess the ability to demonstrate knowledge in a wide variety of fields. The tutoring chain may even ask job hopefuls to prove abilities in different subject areas in addition to providing standardized test scores. Asking potential employees to write impromptu essays using correct formatting and grammar represents a fairly common exercise used during the hiring process. Candidates should also pay special attention to dress and grooming, as the nationwide firm looks for well-manicured and inviting-looking individuals to carry out mentoring services.

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