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Known for a signature line of high-quality handbags for women, luggage designer Vera Bradley regularly hires fashion-conscious applicants for sales and customer service jobs. The American retail chain operates a hiring network of over 100 stores.

Facts About Working at Vera Bradley

Hiring Age: 15 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Vera Bradley?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Cashier, Part-Time & Full-Time Keyholder, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Warehouse Clerk, Customer Service Representative, Visual Merchandiser, Human Resources Specialist, Retail Marketing Coordinator

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Vera Bradley Job Opportunities

Founded in 1982, Vera Bradley creates career opportunities for both entry-level hopefuls and experienced candidates. The company offers applicants the choice of a wide variety of diverse jobs. Friendly work environments, attractive career benefits packages, and industry-competitive salary options draw candidates to seek work with the retail chain. Available positions range from entry-level sales jobs to store management roles. In addition, qualified professionals may apply for corporate work through the company headquarters in Fort Wayne, IN.

Everyday employee duties revolve around promoting current sales and providing superior customer service. In addition to the signature handbags of the brand, the chain retails accessories such as wallets, earrings, scarves, and jewelry through both online and physical store locations. Associates must maintain in-depth familiarity with available inventory to help customers find desired products. A typical workday might consist of helping customers one-on-one in between restocking shelves, operating cash registers, and cleaning work areas.

Vera Bradley Positions and Pay Scales

Though some job openings prove accessible to candidates 15 years of age and older, many employment opportunities require applicants to stand at least 18 years old. Candidates find both full-time and part-time work with the luggage designer. The following positions regularly prove available to determined job seekers:

Sales Associate

  • Sales associates assist customers in making satisfying purchases.
  • Duties often include providing directions to areas of the store, explaining the benefits and features of merchandise, performing cashier duties, and maintaining work-area cleanliness.
  • Employees must keep professional demeanors and clean, hygienic appearances.
  • Though candidates with prior experience often fare especially well when applying to the luggage designer, sales associate jobs remain lucrative entry-level opportunities.
  • Applicants physically able to lift up to 35lbs., stand for prolonged periods, and showcase excellent customer service skills face no troubles obtaining positions with the company as long as age requirements remain fulfilled.
  • Pay scales for sales associates generally hover around $10.00 hourly.

Team Leader

  • Making around $12.00 per hour, team leaders work with store management to develop and oversee subordinate employees while contributing to the productivity and profitability of each store.
  • Responsibilities such as promoting brand awareness, planning and carrying out visual merchandising operations, and training new workers prove common for team leaders.
  • Applicants with previous experience in specialty retail, especially in management capacities, remain strongly preferred by hiring personnel.
  • Candidates must possess high school diplomas or GED equivalents, as well.
  • In some cases, current Vera Bradley associates may earn promotions into team leader jobs.

Tips For Applying

Fill out applications completely and honestly. Make note of all potentially available times for work, as staffing personnel often favor candidates with open availabilities. Business-casual attire generally proves appropriate for applicants during interviews, though any type of fashionable clothing works in favor of prospective employees. Wearing Vera Bradley accessories and/or jewelry especially when visiting stores may also improve chances of hire. Job seekers may submit hiring forms online or in person at store locations.

Application Status

Once candidates turn in applications, applicants wait to hear back from hiring managers. However, following up sooner through phone calls, emails, or store visits greatly improves chances of hire. Inquiring about application status shows professional interest and dedication to pursuing employment with the company. Remain courteous when speaking with staffing personnel. Displaying a sense of respect for pressing employee work duties and showing patience while waiting generally gives human resources workers positive impressions. The hiring process with the luxury designer typically takes between two and three weeks.

Benefits of Working at Vera Bradley

Full-time Vera Bradley employees enjoy competitive job benefits packages. Insurance coverage includes medical, dental, life, and disability plans. 401(k) retirement plans with company match typically become available to workers after one year of employment. Other career benefits include:

  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Flexible spending accounts, and
  • Paid time off.

Part-time associates usually gain access to discounts, as well. The company also regularly throws holiday parties and picnics for employees.

More Details on Vera Bradley

As a leading fashion design company, Vera Bradley remains in a financial position to give back to the needy. The chain operates a philanthropic foundation working toward a cure for breast cancer. Funds raised for the initiative reach over $23 million. The company also gives to charitable organizations, particularly in Indiana close to the corporate headquarters. Causes supported include the American Red Cross, United Way, Arts United, Big Brother Big Sister, and the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo.

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