Vera Wang Job Interview Questions & Tips

Beginning the Hiring Process

Vera Wang stands as one of the most well-known brands in luxury and high-end fashion. Store collections include mainly formal outfits and unique wedding gowns, among other fashion accessories. The Vera Wang brand has been attached to many TV shows, movies, and celebrities. The vast amount of exposure has lead to a fairly stringent hiring process for new employees. With a limited number of stores, Vera Wang job hopefuls must perform well during the interview process to receive hiring consideration. Well-prepared individuals with the right amount of experience stand the best chances of navigating Vera Wang interviews successfully.

How to Prepare for an Interview

Most positions with Vera Wang only require one-on-one interviews with company personnel like managers and corporate employees. Applicants may be asked about topics like availability, customer service ability, and personality traits the company prefers in employees. The fashion retailer routinely interacts with particular customers, so associates must demonstrate a fair amount of tolerance, composure, and communication skills. Like many clothing stores, interviews feature discussions of fashion and clothing, in general. However, the high-end image of the company requires a little bit more than applicants simply talking about their favorite clothes. A demonstrated knowledge of catalogs and product lines greatly assist applicants during the interview process. Candidates must share their favorite brands, styles, and certain looks. Attire during the interview process should be very formal and professional.

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