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Victoria's Secret pdf application

What Should I Do With This Form?

Using the directions on this page, you can complete the application right away. When finished, take it to a local Victoria’s Secret in person to begin the hiring process. You can also learn how to apply online here. Or, search for Victoria’s Secret jobs near you.

Filling Out a Victoria’s Secret Application

Victoria’s Secret jobs appeal to those interested in fashion and beauty products. The company is a leading retailer in women’s clothing and body care products. Many part-time and full-time jobs are available at locations throughout the United States. Click the image above to download the application form now.

Desired Position

Candidates fill out the date of application in the top left corner. To the right, applicants will select a position. They then check for seasonal, part-time, or full-time work. After that, job hopefuls note a preferred pay rate and start day.

Personal Information

The applicant begins this section by filling in a full name. Job seekers then confirm that they can work in the U.S., and provide an address, phone number, and email. This portion also asks if potential employees are over 18 years old.


Here, job hopefuls share where and when they went to high school. There is a box to confirm graduation as well. Applicants can then mention any college or additional education programs.

Employment History

Potential workers enter basic information about their past four jobs with start and end dates. A candidate can mark if hirers should contact these workplaces. There is a spot for every employer’s name, phone number, and address.

Next to that, possible hires input their previous titles and managers, as well as a list of duties for each position. They should provide starting and final hourly wages, along with reasons for leaving the jobs.

Skills and Achievements

People can list any notable professional or educational accomplishments in this space. The following part has room for any skills that could apply to a Victoria’s Secret job. In particular, the company wants to know of any languages one can fluently speak.

Miscellaneous and Emergency Contact

The Victoria’s Secret application asks for other legal names to make sure they are checking a candidate’s entire work record. Also, applicants must reveal details regarding any work history with the company.

Hopefuls that know other Limited Brands workers must list and explain the relationships on the next line. They may then note any reasons for trouble with attendance. The next place is for the contact information of one person in case of emergency.


This chart has space to write out available times for each day. The application requests the soonest possible start of employment. There is also a line for an ending date for aspiring seasonal workers. Additionally, this is where to note any unavailable holidays.

Review and Sign

After reading the paragraph of terms, all prospective employees have to sign the application. Candidates in Maryland, Connecticut, or Massachusetts must provide an extra dated signature.

Consumer Reports and References

Applicants must sign and date this section before hiring managers can conduct a background check. If candidates want to see the results, they may fill in their address. Finally, the other side has a spot to list references and details about each.

Submitting an Application

Job seekers should review all sections of the application forms to ensure quality. They can take this paperwork to a chosen Victoria’s Secret location and give it to a working manager. This lets employers see any friendly and professional traits firsthand.

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