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With over 200 locations dotted across the country, Village Inn hires both hourly and management help with consistency to man existing locations and new sites as the company expands into untapped territories. Applicants may apply online or in person to receive hiring consideration.

Facts About Working at Village Inn

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Village Inn?)

Available Positions: Server, Host/Hostess, Cook, Prep Cook, Dishwasher, Busser, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Village Inn Job Opportunities

Owned and operated by American Blue Ribbon Brands since 2009, Village Inn continues to undergo a renaissance of sorts, including a reimagining of the familiar logo and an uptick in new franchisees. Well-known since 1959 for breakfast offerings and award-winning pies, the casual restaurant chain also serves a selection of home-style lunches and dinners. The company continually seeks to hire employees who reflect the vision and values of the restaurant chain, including a passion for service, accountability, and integrity. Due to the franchised operations of the company, job seekers may need to apply for employment directly with the desired location.

Hourly employees with Village Inn must hold a strong understanding of customer service, a desire to consistently interact with the public, and an ability to work flexible hours. Entry-level workers typically work part-time hours to start, with access to paid training, excellent wage options, and consistent opportunities for career advancement. The fulfillment of minimal hiring requirements proves necessary in order to receive consideration for most entry-level positions, with the primary qualifications typically involving age verification and a desire to work in the food service industry. Management opportunities, which often feature increases in salary, arise with some frequency and generally require candidates to exhibit more extensive backgrounds in the restaurant industry or similar fields, possess high school diplomas or similar degrees, and stand at least 18 years of age.

Village Inn Positions and Salary Information

In order to qualify for employment, entry-level applicants must stand at least 16 years of age. Since no formal experience or education proves necessary for consideration for most entry-level roles, students, individuals seeking supplementary income, and seasonal job seekers regularly obtain work with the restaurant chain. Experienced and inexperienced workers alike consistently find gainful employment through the following positions:


  • Bussers perform a variety of functions while typically working part-time hours throughout a given workweek.
  • Besides cleaning off tables, restocking dishes, flatware, and glasses, and working in tandem with dishwashers, a busser also retains responsibility for maintaining safe work areas.
  • Cleaning sidewalks, emptying trash receptacles, and cleaning dining areas and service aisles represent additional duties.
  • Busser jobs also come with physical demands, as employees must regularly reach, balance, stoop, kneel, and lift and move up to 75 pounds at a time.
  • Workers typically earn around $8.00 an hour.


  • Accountable for accurately handling guest payments for transactions, cashiers must exhibit the utmost integrity while remaining in charge of cash drawers during shifts.
  • Cashiers also act as hosts by answering the telephone, taking to-go orders, and answering patron questions accordingly.
  • Employees must notify managers in cases of guest complaints, keep the dining room and lobby areas clean, keep service areas stocked and properly arranged, and assist servers and bussers as necessary.
  • A host typically works between 15 and 30 hours a week and makes an hourly wage of $9.00.


  • While servers tend to earn lower hourly pay rates established by state laws regarding tipped employees, workers may earn up to $10.00 an hour with gratuities.
  • Associates must greet and take customer orders with accuracy and rapidity, possess strong knowledge of menu offerings, including daily specials, and present friendly and groomed appearances at all times.
  • Additional required skills include the ability to follow directions, work in fast-paced environments, and adapt to situations on the fly.
  • Prior history of working in a restaurant may result in hiring preference; however, the on-job training provided to new hires often makes up for a lack of previous experience.

Tips For Applying

While most corporate-owned sites accept online applications, some franchisees still require job seekers to apply in person. When applying online, aspirants must set up profiles through the job portal, search for and select positions, and click the Apply Now button. The initial process takes around 30 minutes to complete, as the company uses an application form and a brief questionnaire to prequalify candidates. If possible, tailor answers to fit the position applied for and answer each query with both honesty and accuracy. Failing to do so may eliminate job seekers from the hiring process.

Application Status

Characteristically, applicants hear from hiring managers within one to two weeks of providing hiring materials. Initial contact may take place over the phone before moving on to in-person meetings. For most entry-level positions, the process typically lasts no more than a week, with job offers usually coming after preliminary face-to-face meetings. For job seekers not contacted within the customary time frame, following up with hiring managers via phone or in person may prove beneficial, as both instances offer opportunities to prove genuine interest in the job and motivation for hire.

Benefits of Working at Village Inn

Hourly employees enjoy flexible scheduling, fun and fast-paced work environments, and exceptional opportunities for career advancement into positions such as certified trainer, shift leader, and entry-level management. Other work benefits include:

  • Paid vacations
  • Meal discounts
  • Regular performance bonuses, and
  • Enrollment in 401(k) retirement plans.

Managerial employees may also enjoy access to health benefits, such as medical, dental, vision, and disability insurances as well as reimbursement accounts and outreach programs.

Additional Information about Village Inn

Always well-known for breakfast foods and home-style cooking, Village Inn entered a slight rebranding phase after parent company American Blue Ribbon Brands purchased the restaurant chain in 2009. Already drawn to menu offerings like the Incredible VIB, a create-your-own breakfast of four items from over 30 choices, guests enjoy meals within the exciting environment of a freshly redesigned restaurant setting. Inspired by the 1950s pancake-house roots of the restaurant chain, the design showcases new booths, chairs, wall decor, and table settings. The restaurant chain also boasts new signage and an updated logo to complete the transformation.

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