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Virgin America maintains a prevalent airline specializing in first-class, modern accommodations. Workers interested in full-time professional careers as flight attendants or pilots may find widely accessible job openings with the expanding company. Entry-level positions also remain available.

Facts About Working at Virgin America

Minimum Age to Work at Virgin America: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Virgin America?)

Virgin America Hours of Operation: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at Virgin America: Customer Service Representative, Ticket Agent, Ramp Agent, Baggage Handler, In-Flight Team Member, Flight Attendant, Pilot, Crew Scheduler, Airport Team Member, Recruiter, Aircraft Mechanic

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Virgin America Job Opportunities

The California-based airline operates on a smaller scale than most commercial airlines and only features daily flights to roughly 20 destinations. However, Virgin America enjoys mainstream international popularity and regularly needs to hire on new workers to keep up with worldwide growth. The often quirky and imaginative business models governing operations seek out creative, passionate, and daring individuals who enjoy pushing norms and taking initiative to carry out responsibilities. Job seekers should avoid timid, meager, or disinterested attitudes during the hiring process, as the popular air carrier looks over workers who fail to meet company values, regardless of experience or skills.

As a commercial airliner, Virgin America posts hundreds of jobs each year featuring industry-competitive base pay and salary options, consistent travel, room for personal and professional growth, and access to generous work benefits packages. The most prevalent roles available with the airline include customer service roles at gate ticket counters and jobs handling baggage on airport runways. Applicants may also find employment opportunities as flight attendants and pilots. Most entry-level job titles require candidates to meet minimum standards, like falling at or above the age of 18 and possessing high school diplomas or GEDs. Careers aboard aircraft often include strenuous and particular specifications ranging from advanced degrees and extensive training in related fields to height requirements and preferred attitudes.

Virgin America Employment and Pay Scales

At the center of Virgin America operations lies customer service jobs. As the backbone of the company, workers in customer service positions interact with travelers daily and provide detailed information on available services and cater to customer requests. Available jobs include regular travel, varying schedules, and opportunities for pay increases, enriching experiences, and paid training programs. Hiring consistently takes place for the following airline jobs:

Airport Team Member – Establishing relationships with customers and guiding travelers through the boarding process serve as pivotal responsibilities for airport team members. Key duties include tagging luggage, processing registration information, issuing boarding passes, cleaning aircrafts, logging and reporting daily operations to supervisors, and briefing flight crews on important information regarding weather, cargo, and special accommodations for passengers. Two years of experience in customer service-related positions prove necessary for hire. Workers with histories in the airline industry may receive further candidate review. Other requirements include the ability to lift up to 70lbs. comfortably and basic computer skills. Airport team members may work part-time or full-time but often assume variable schedules, including nights, weekends, and holiday shifts. Typical pay for the position begins at $11.00 an hour.

Flight Attendant – Another customer-oriented position, flight attendant jobs require applicants to maintain both physical stamina and interpersonal skills. Unlike other airlines, Virgin America generally imposes no restrictions on applicant height for flight attendant positions. Workers must only exude friendly, energetic, and personable attitudes and promote enjoyable travel experiences among patrons. Responsibilities may include serving beverages and inflight meals, retrieving pillows, headphones, and blankets for customers, explaining safety procedures and seatbelt operation, and assisting flight crews as necessary. Average annual salary options for flight attendants fall around $52,000.

Tips For Applying

Virgin America represents an innovative and constantly growing entity in the airline industry. Applicants must embody the forward-thinking mentality impressed upon the company by founder and CEO Richard Branson. During the hiring process, recruitment personnel screen workers for adaptable, determined, and original personalities. Individuals should communicate passions and goals for both professional aspirations and personal desires.

Application Status

Candidates regularly encounter extended wait times between submitting hiring forms and callbacks from HR personnel to schedules job interviews. Downtimes may span as much as three to four weeks or as little as a couple of days. On average, applicants wait a week or two to hear back from Virgin America. Airline industry job hopefuls may contact the company at any time after submitting employment materials to check on hiring status. Applications remain on file for months after submission, even without formal contact from the airline regarding a particular job. Some candidates cite receiving phone calls about available positions months after initially applying for specific jobs.

Benefits of Working at Virgin America

Job benefits available to Virgin America workers depend upon job status. Employees in part-time positions enjoy competitive pay and free travel, which extends to family members and friends. Other part-time employee work benefits include 401(k) retirement plans and flexible spending accounts. Each full-time associates receives a 401(k) plan option and the ability to opt in to flexible spending accounts as well as disability coverage and a comprehensive healthcare plan. Workers must meet the minimum requirements for healthcare options and savings plans, which include probationary periods of 30 days for medical, dental, and vision insurance and 90-day probations for retirement options.

Further Details on Virgin America

Commercial air travel represents only a small fraction of aeronautic services provided by Virgin Group, which serves as the corporate parent to the popular airline. In 2004, CEO Richard Branson announced the creation of a space program called Virgin Galactic. Unlike NASA spacecraft, Branson envisioned commercial space travel services. Also unlike the government sponsored space program, the shuttles intended for commercial space travel utilize air launches, which take place off the backs of airplanes already in flight. As of 2014, the company maintains two spacecraft: LauncherOne and SpaceShip Two.

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