Virgin America Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Virgin America

What to Expect after Applying Online

The Virgin America interview process varies slightly depending on the opening. Candidates may be subject to over-the-phone discussions, in-person meetings, or group inquiries. Occasionally, managers use all three when looking for the best fit.

Preparing for a Virgin America Job Interview

Paying Attention to the Job

Those interested typically apply to one of two entry-level positions: customer service representative or flight attendant. Since each role demands a specific set of skills, hopefuls should prepare for their respective jobs before going through the screening process.

Interview Prep

Some aspects of the interview process should be the same across the board. It's always wise to print out extra resume copies, review the company's core values, draft inquiries for the hiring manager, and read over the job duties. This helps create better tailored responses.

Getting Ready for a Customer Service Rep Interview

Before the Job Interviews

Those wanting these Virgin America interviews may receive questionnaires during the online application. Be sure to answer all questions honestly and thoughtfully. Before phone or group meetings, applicants should pay attention to their work history and focus on being able to describe how it relates to the industry.

When to Expect Contact

It takes between one and two weeks for managers to reach out to promising candidates after the interview. Contact the company by phone or email to check on employment status and see if you've moved on to the hiring process.

Interview Questions for Customer Service Reps

Ultimately, the best way to get ready for a Virgin America job interview is to practice responses to common questions. Remaining confident reassures management that hopefuls will handle themselves well in stressful situations.

Some inquiries asked of those interviewing for customer service representatives include:

Focusing on past praise and awards is the best way to demonstrate value as a worker during Virgin America job interviews. Always offer concrete examples when responding to questions, but make sure you don't lose the hiring managers attention.

What Flight Attendants Can Expect

A Multi-Step Interview Process

Virgin America interviews for flight attendants can be twice as long as those for customer service reps. During this time, candidates may sit for a video chat or be called in for group meetings.

Possible Skills Evaluation

Special tests may be given to review a job hopeful's familiarity with the mechanics of the position. Applicants should be sure to go over the posting to perform well on such assessments.

Virgin America Job Interview Questions: Flight Attendant

Some common questions to prepare for include:

How to Dress to Impress

What to Wear to Virgin America Job Interviews

All candidates should come dressed professionally. This could mean full suits for men and pantsuits or an appropriate dress for women. Minimal makeup and jewelry as well as a clean-shaven face are important throughout the interview process.

Going in with Confidence

It's impossible to anticipate every question that will be asked during a Virgin America job interview. However, simply going over the unique qualities candidates possess beforehand can give a person all the confidence they need to show they're a good fit. Professional demeanor and a good attitude can help push hopefuls through to the hiring process.

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