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Hiring process information for an interview at Virgin America

Intense Hiring Procedures

Virgin America began in 2007 and flies to roughly 25 destinations worldwide. The international company maintains a fleet size of over 50 aircraft. Destinations and fleet combined, Virgin America needs to hire a wide range of employees to manage operations, fly aircraft, and provide customer service. Using an intensive hiring process, Virgin America screens for eligible workers possessing excellent personal and professional backgrounds.

Lengthy Interview Process

The average Virgin America job applicant spends roughly three to four weeks attending interviews and submitting the appropriate paperwork to gain hiring consideration. The Virgin America hiring process begins with a brief introduction to company culture and history. Job hopefuls generally attend company presentations with several other candidates at a time. After the group presentation, applicants immediately interview with an attending manager in a 1:1 setting. The interview may take anywhere from twenty minutes to a full hour. Multiple interviews may take place simultaneously in the same room, which often creates a distracting environment. Remain focused and attempt to convey a sense of professionalism at all times. Many customer service positions available with Virgin America require applicants to exercise patience and tact.

Aptitude Tests for Technical and Physically Demanding Positions

Workers in search of technical and/or physically demanding jobs often encounter additional stages of the hiring process. Virgin America implements skills and aptitude testing to screen for individuals looking for highly involved and detail-oriented aviation, security, or logistics careers. Applicants undergo the same group presentations and early group interviews as other associates as well as the one-on-one interview phases encountered by other candidates. After the initial interview phases, technical and physically demanding jobs require applicants to test abilities. Background checks and drug screening also occur after the one-on-one interview phase. Once all stages of the Virgin America hiring process stand complete, applicants may receive formal job offers. If an applicant does not receive a formal offer within two weeks, it typically means Virgin America passed on the candidate.

Interview Question and Topics to Expect

During Virgin America job interviews, applicants respond to questions ranging from basic inquiries about interest in the airline company and personal hobbies to customer service and job-related topics. Popular Virgin America interview questions for flight attendants and in-flight crew include:

  • "What aspects of customer service interest you most?"
  • "Do you routinely go out of your way to go above and beyond?"
  • "Have you ever found yourself unable to work in a group setting?"
Other very basic interview questions touch on why the hiring manager should consider an applicant for the position desired and why an applicant might choose Virgin America for employment.

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