Vitamin World Interview Questions & Tips

Applying for a Job at Vitamin World

Vitamin World creates and manufactures thousands of vitamins and supplements for a wide variety of uses. Job hunters can complete online applications found on the company website, and store managers usually call to schedule onsite interviews within a few days of submissions. Management positions often require two or three interviews before employment is granted. Some entry-level employees cite completing the hiring process in a couple of days while managerial candidates may take up to a month. Job seekers should attend the meeting on time and remain patient throughout the entire process.

What to Expect During the Interview Process

Hiring staff at Vitamin World often quiz applicants on knowledge of current products and pose inquiries about job history or education in health and wellness. While some candidates specialize in a niche market like sports or weight loss, the national health and nutrition retailer often looks for versatile applicants to assist customers with a broad array of needs. Store Managers often ask applicants to choose an item from the shelf to "sell" in order to assess sales and communication abilities. Vitamin World managerial applicants field questions about reaching store goals and previous team leading experience. Job hopefuls who maintain friendly and driven personalities during the job interviews usually garnish employment consideration from the hiring representatives.

Navigating the Hiring Process

Applicants are usually unable to negotiate wages during hiring meetings, as team members are paid a base rate and given commission on sales. Vitamin World applicants are often asked to consent to drug testing and a criminal background check before securing employment. Applicants should thank Vitamin World interviewers for their time after each meeting. Unless otherwise noted, applicants should follow up with Vitamin World hiring representatives a few days after interviews to check in on hiring statuses.


  • Stanley says:

    If you are a smoker, make sure you dont smoke right before the interview or in the car…

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