Volkswagen Dealership Interview Questions & Tips

Unique One-on-One Interviews

The Volkswagen interview process may take a few days or several weeks to complete, depending on the position desired. Volkswagen offers dealership careers for salespeople, managers, mechanics, and administrative associates, with interview processes unique for every position. Most Volkswagen interviews are held one-on-one with human resources representatives and last about half an hour. A majority of positions require applicants to participate in two or more Volkswagen interviews.

Interview Topics

Hiring managers ask specific questions regarding employment history, relevant job skills, work ethic, personality traits, and availability. Some positions may require successful interviewees to clear background checks and drug screens before successfully completing the Volkswagen hiring process.

What to Prepare For

Volkswagen tends to hire workers that are organized and well-prepared. Get ready for Volkswagen interviews by researching the company. Successful interviewees show passion for cars and a love of the Volkswagen brand. Gain an extensive knowledge of Volkswagen car lines, company history, and services provided in order to impress attending hiring representatives. Additionally, prepare and practice your answers to common Volkswagen interview questions like:

  • "Could you tell me about yourself?"
  • "Why should we hire you?"
Make sure to bring several copies of your up-to-date resume to each phase of the Volkswagen interview process and dress in business-formal clothing. Remember that arriving at the time of the interview is often considered late. Be sure to show up about 10 minutes before the scheduled interview time.

How to Ace Your Interview

Anyone that wants to be a Volkswagen employee, or a "V-Dub teammate", needs to excel in the interview. Volkswagen looks for applicants that are bright, free-thinking, pleasant, and able to take risks. Use the interview to show that you match the values Volkswagen desires. Provide clear and concise responses to Volkswagen interview questions. If possible, give specific examples of experience from past jobs that showcase your abilities to perform the job. Conclude Volkswagen interviews with a firm handshake.

Follow Up

Show continued interest in the position by checking in with the interviewer several days after the Volkswagen interview and inquiring about the position status.

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