Von Maur Interview Questions & Tips

Unique Interviews for Each Job Title

Von Maur offers a host of careers in store operations, management, e-commerce, merchandising, information systems, operations, finance, and human resources. As an upscale department store chain dedicated to creating an unparalleled shopping experience, the comapny hires the brightest, most knowledgeable applicants possible. To find exemplary help, the department chain crafted a unique interview process for each career area and job title.

Interviewing Over the Phone and In Person

Sales associate represents the most common job available at Von Maur. To earn a sales associate job offer, a candidate typically needs to go through a phone interview followed by an in-person interview. In some cases, applicants need to participate in second in-person interviews. The phone interview is a brief call meant to evaluate applicant availability, interest in the job, and verbal communication skills. The in-person interview is typically held at the store of preference and conducted by a store supervisor.

Common Behavioral Questions

Candidates need to answer behavioral questions designed to gauge abilities in customer service, sales, and teamwork. Some behavioral questions featured in the Von Maur interview include:

  • "Can you tell me about a time you gave unpleasant feedback to a coworker?"
  • "Give me an example of when you reached a goal."
  • "Have you ever had a disagreement with a company policy?"
  • "How have you gone out of your way to serve a customer?"

Emphasize Your Professionalism

Von Maur looks to add positive, friendly, and professional workers to existing teams. Applicants may show these features by exuding pleasant and upbeat attitudes during interviews. To show professionalism, job hopefuls should show up to interviews early and with resumes in-hand.

What to Wear

Dressing similar to current employees often serves as one of the best ways to look presentable for job interviews. If possible, candidates should wear clothing Von Maur sells.

Interview Tips

When answering questions, applicants should avoid over-elaborating or going off-subject on pertinent topics. Instead, candidates should provide clear and concise answers with a customer-oriented spin. Job hopefuls may follow up with Von Maur interviewers by calling or emailing after final interviews and expressing desire for the job.

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