W Hotels Interview Questions & Tips

One-on-One Interviews

W Hotels reaches out to younger demographics through a relatively smaller but luxurious chain of hotels. Applicants looking to work for the company must successfully complete the hiring process, which takes job seekers through one-on-one interviews with managers. One interview generally proves sufficient for hiring personnel to make final deliberations on candidates. Some positions, specifically managerial careers, require two or more interviews. The entire hiring process lasts in upwards of two or three weeks, although many entry-level associates complete the hiring process within a week.

Common Questions

Basic interview questions include:

  • "Why do you want to work in the hotel industry?"
  • "Do you feel like you could relate to younger crowds and still provide effective services?"
  • "Have you ever had to deal with outspoken, unruly, or angry customers in a retail setting?"
Jobs which require busywork, like housekeeping positions, often feature interview questions centering on manual labor and ability to manage time efficiently. W Hotels expects applicants to interview in professional manners and with respectable decrees. Interviews last an average of 30 minutes but may take less or more time depending on the rapport established with the hiring manager.

How to Dress for Your Interview

Wearing a professional and sensible dress or a suit and tie often depicts the best possible solution for questions regarding appropriate interview attire.


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