Waffle House Interview Questions & Tips

Professional Interviews

Waffle House interviewees should expect to participate in a highly professional interview process. Applicants must submit the required forms to gain interview consideration. Interviewers review all applicant information and contact eligible candidates to schedule job interviews. Prospective employees may undergo multiple interviews, including phone interviews, one-on-one interviews, group interviews, and panel interviews. Depending on the position desired, many applicants must also complete background checks and drug screening prior to the completion of the interview process.

Quick Hiring Process for Entry-Level Jobs

The hiring process for entry-level jobs typically entails phone interviews followed by in-person interviews with hiring personnel onsite. Applicants must also fill out mini employment forms used as informational guides for the hiring staff during subsequent job interviews. In instances where demand is high for new employees, Waffle House locations may suspend formal proceedings and simply hire individuals on-the-spot without in-depth interviewing or consultation. Under normal circumstances, interviews take about 20 minutes to complete, with the entire hiring process concluding within a day or two total.

Working Interviews for Management Candidates

Individuals looking for work as managers often meet with multiple managers in either panel settings or successive one-on-one sessions. Managers often attend what Waffle House calls "Working Interviews", in which applicants work alongside with current management during a typical workday. Applicants assist in operations and take on general responsibilities, such as motivating workers, opening and closing procedures, and attending to customer needs. Applicants who perform well during Working Interviews generally receive employment offers soon after either via telephone or email. Traditional job interviews for managerial candidates follow the same procedures as entry-level applicants experience, although with interview questions more geared toward operations and hiring as opposed to remedial tasks and customer service.

Common Interview Questions

During Waffle House interviews, applicants for all positions respond to a series of questions regarding employment history, relevant jobs skills, and availability. Common interview questions include:

Highlight any previous experience in the restaurant industry to gain preferential treatment from hiring managers. Speak in audible tones and demonstrate positive and customer-oriented attitudes at all times. Show enthusiasm for the job and speak highly of the restaurant chain during the interview, specifically any favorite menu items or reasons for continued patronage. Conclude each session with a handshake.

Following Up

Follow up a few days later to express gratitude for the opportunity and to check hiring status.

Waffle House Server Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Waffle House Server: At Waffle House, I was a waitress, and I’d take people’s orders, write down whatever they ordered, and take to the chef. He cooks it, and I bring it back to them. Then, go back 15 or 20 minutes later if they need something else. So, whatever waitresses do, that’s what I did.

Interviewer: Please describe a typical day as an employee.
Waffle House Server: Like I said, come to work, get change, just wait until a customer comes in, and take their orders. Wash dishes, clean, and before I leave, I have to pretty much count the cash register, then clean my area, refill whatever needs to be refilled, and that’s pretty much what I did.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
Waffle House Server: Waffle House application… it wasn’t really hard. I actually went there with three of my friends from school, and we all got the job at the same spot because I guess the lady really needed people to work for them. So, she hired all three of us on the same spot. The only questions she asked was if we had previous work experience, were we in school, would we have time to do this, and we said yes. So, she said: “Okay, well you guys are hired. Be back here next week and fill out some paperwork, and I’ll call you guys back and tell you when to start work.” It wasn’t a hard application process.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
Waffle House Server : Employment with Waffle House was… learn your stuff. I remember when I went there, we had this big menu book that we had to learn. I am not good at memorizing stuff all at once, so I had so much difficulty when it comes to taking orders. We had to write abbreviations, so for orange juice, it would be “O,” or Coke, but I was not good at that. So, learn your book. If you get a job there, just read the book as many times as you want, and hopefully it sticks in your head.


  • Jasmine says:

    I have an interview for waffle house tomorrow and i was wondering will it be okay to wear khaki pants? what should i wear?

  • Danisha says:

    Yeah you need to dress proper and make yourself look like you want the job

  • p says:

    in houston you start off making 9 dollars an hour

  • anthony says:

    do i bring anything with me to the job interview? i have notes I usually take, can i bring them?

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