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Job Description and Duties

What Does a Walgreens Pharmacy Technician Do?

A Walgreens pharmacy tech is responsible for assisting the pharmacist with various tasks. Filling prescriptions is one of the most important duties for these employees. However, they also stock and take inventory of medications, respond to questions on the store’s Pharmacy Chat platform, and prepare home delivery and automatic refill orders.

Other Duties

Pharmacy techs also perform several customer service jobs. For example, techs take shoppers’ insurance information and operate cash registers to ring up purchases and process payments. In some cases, they might also work the sales floor, recommend over-the-counter medications, and answer customer questions.

Since the role of a Walgreens pharmacy technician involves reading medical diagnoses and handling pharmaceuticals, techs must comply with company policies and federal regulations to uphold legal safety and patient privacy standards. Some stores may also require Walgreens pharmacy techs to obtain an official state pharmacy technician license within a year of working for the company.

Salary and Compensation

How Much Do Walgreens Pharmacy Techs Get Paid?

Hourly wages for Walgreens pharmacy technicians vary from store to store, but the average pay rate for these workers is between $16 and $17 per hour. If you have some previous pharmacy or customer service experience, you may be able to negotiate a higher wage. Also, employees typically become eligible for performance-based raises and bonuses over time.

Are There Any Other Benefits?

Walgreens offers a wide range of benefits to its full-time employees. Various healthcare coverage options are available for pharmacy techs, including medical, vision, and dental insurance. Paid time off, 401(k) retirement plans, and tuition assistance for completing a pharmacy tech trade school program might be part of your Walgreens pharmacy technician benefits package as well.

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