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Walmart pdf application

What Should I Do With This Form?

Those who have interest in Walmart jobs begin by downloading and printing the above PDF. Complete each section while following these directions. When finished, submit the application form to the closest location. Or, learn to apply online here and search the site for nearby openings.

Working at Walmart

The chain operates countless stores around the world. Most jobs are entry-level and require no experience. New hires enjoy a positive work atmosphere, good pay, and employment benefits. Walmart applications are the first step toward a career in retail.

The Walmart Application

Walmart’s application is simple and straightforward. The two pages ask questions regarding work history, personal info, and preferred salary or hourly wages. Finish all sections accurately for the best results. Prospective workers may attach a resume if necessary.

Positions Applying For

Here, candidates will choose the job they want to apply for. Check the correct box for part-time, full-time, or temporary work as well. Select a desired pay rate and day to start so employers can make informed hiring decisions.

About You

Job seekers complete this portion with their contact information. Write a name, address, phone number, social security number, and email. Prompts also ask if the applicant is age 18 or older and able to work in the U.S.

The next part of the application asks if the candidate or a relative has worked for Walmart in the past. Add any facts related to employment. Anyone in California should not answer the last question.


Walmart job applications have spaces for hopefuls to indicate their level of schooling. They must state if they are currently a student too. Note the names of any colleges attended, if applicable.


This chart lets applicants confirm when they can and cannot work, from the earliest start time to the latest end time. Fill in the days of the week and mark all available shifts. Being honest helps hiring managers build a schedule.

Employment History

Potential employees do not need experience for entry-level roles. However, the Walmart job application does ask about past work in retail or a similar field. List the most recent employer at the top. Include pertinent details like supervisors and final pay rates.


The Walmart application requires two references that can speak to a person’s work abilities. These should not be relatives or close friends. Record their names, email addresses, and phone numbers so the hiring staff may get in touch with them.

Finishing the Application

After filling out every part of the Walmart job application, read the ending statement. Write initials next to each paragraph. Then, sign and date the bottom. Double-check the form for accuracy and clarity before submitting. Turn in the finalized papers to a manager at any store.

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