Walmart Greeter

Walmart Greeter Job Description & Interview

Job Description and Duties

What Does a Walmart Greeter Do?

Walmart greeters meet customers at store entrances. Greeters at Walmart may assist customers with cart selection, offer coupons, or simply welcome people to the store. Walmart greeters may direct customers to specific areas of the store or note a return a customer brings back. Greeters with Walmart may need to perform other assigned duties, according to shift and location.

Additional Duties and Tasks
Walmart greeters may clean store entryways, departments, or even restrooms if assigned such a task from a managing supervisor. Greeters at Walmart may also need to identify customers for security purposes.

Salary and Compensation

How Much Do They Get Paid?

Employment benefits and competitive salary options await qualified Walmart greeters. Greeters with Walmart may receive a variety of job benefits. Eligible Walmart greeters may take advantage of several financial work benefits, such as paid vacation days or 401(k) retirement program, and health-related work benefits, such as vision, dental, medical, and life insurance plans.

Can Walmart Greeters Earn More?

Starting pay for a Walmart greeter often falls near minimum wage. Walmart greeters may earn more with experience and more time served with the department store chain.


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  • deborah strickland says:

    I worked at goodwill in Florida for 7 and a half years and ran the adc center for 6 years where I had to greet the people who were making donations and helped them out. I enjoyed it very much.

  • Pam Sickles says:

    Where do you apply for a Door Greeter position?


      where can i apply for walmart greeter

  • Ray Ray says:

    What’s the required educational level for a Walmart Greeter? Any stock options?

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