Walmart Sales Associate

Walmart Sales Associate Job Description & Interview

Job Description and Duties

What Does a Walmart Sales Associate Do?

As the largest retail chain in the world, Walmart must hire on and maintain sizable staffs of sales associates to provide customer service. Workers falling under the job title of sales associate take responsibility for greeting customers, locating products, price-checking items, and organizing store shelves and displays.

Daily Responsibilities

Sales associates also answer customer questions about policies, services, and products. Returning carts to store frontends also serves as a typical, daily responsibility of sales associates.

Salary and Compensation

How Much Do They Get Paid?

Walmart offers part-time hourly employees opportunities to earn enticing job benefits. Aside from complimentary uniforms and competitive pay, sales associates and other entry-level workers enjoy 401(k) retirement plans with company match, paid time off, and up to a 10% discount on merchandise.

Promotion Opportunities

Career advancement opportunities accessible through paid training programs allow motivated individuals to move up through the company into higher wages and the potential for more wide-sweeping employment benefits packages. The average sales associate earns minimum wage starting hourly pay. Introductory pay scales may rise to $10.00 or so per hour with experience.


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Walmart Sales Representative Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describer your job title and primary duties.
Walmart Sales Representative: My job title is simple. I’m a sales clerk, or sales representative. I basically just go around, introduce myself, ask customers if they need any help finding any items and assist them. I also help sometimes stocking, if necessary, but basically my thing is to introduce myself to the customers, make them feel as comfortable as possible with finding items they need in the store, and just assisting them with any type of help that they need.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?
Walmart Sales Representative: The work environment I would describe as steady work; it’s constant but easy going. There’s always things to do, such as finding people that need help, you can always assist other employees – team work. There’s no one specific job or specific thing for you to do. If someone else needs something done, like… I’m also a clerk, so if you see someone getting behind, especially around the holidays, I can also go and run cash register. If there’s an accident or someone spills something, I’ll multi-task. I’m always able to do something. I’m a team member. I’m always out helping others; I’m always doing more than just one thing.

Interviewer: What was your favorite part about working there?
Walmart Sales Representative: I think assisting people, making their shopping easier, as convenient as possible. As long as their happy, I know they’re going to return and it’s also going to give me a job. That’s what I think it is, just helping the customers, making shopping easier.

Interviewer: Please describe a typical day as an associate.
Walmart Sales Representative: A typical day is holidays a lot of times, extreme large crowds. They try to have as many employees as possible for those occasions because there’s going to be a lot more customers than usual, but it can be typical because we can do multiple tasks and jobs, and sometimes you may be doing one thing and one person may be calling for you: “We got a line up here. Can you come assist with the cashier?” We might have a spill, and that’s about as typical as it gets, having to multi-task. That’s typical, especially around holidays, and that’s expected.

Interviewer: How would you explain the application and interview process?
Walmart Sales Representative: The applications are done now online, so it’s pretty easy for everybody to get a fair opportunity because they’re not able to see you and judge you on that. You can kind of work your way in by doing it online. The interview part, I feel… when you go to the interview, you need to go as you’re presenting yourself for the actual job. Go ready to work – your slacks, decent dress shirt, ready to show them that I have communication skills that I need for this job. I’m going to be reliable, and you’re able to do the task that they’re going to want. With the application, you should already be prepared for the interview because the application is thorough. They know what they’re looking for, they’re going to ask you if you’re able to perform your duties, they’re going to give you a brief description of the duties. And when you go to the interview, you need to explain to them that you’re not only able to do this but how you’re going to be able to perform and why they should hire you and not the next person. How are you going to benefit their company at Walmart?

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seekers looking to gain employment?
Walmart Sales Representative: My advice to someone else would be to make sure that when they read the duties or the requirements as an employee to make sure that they’re able to perform them, to make sure they know how to do what is asked of them before they go in trying to get this job, that they’re able to communicate with people, that they’re going to be reliable, that they’re going to be observant, alert, motivated, all of the above. To become a good employee at Walmart, they need to be all of the above. We need time-efficient workers, reliable people. We just look for reliable people.

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  1. Judith White

    As a sales associate you definitely do a lot of multi-tasking.Some days are more busy than others and each shift is somewhat different on what has to be done.I know that on second shift,we sometimes have stock to put out,especially when new mods are set. We sometimes get called to run a register to get the lines down. In my department,while zoning, stocking, and assisting customers, I may be called to the other side of the store to cut fabric.Zoning for my department has to be done in the clearance area,stationary,crafts,dollar bins,and fabric side of the store.We also have to get customer returns to put back. At 2:00pm, we sometimes have to do zoning in one or two aisles of the grocery section and then we have to answer customer calls for our department.If know how, we may have to bin overstock in the back of the store for items that won’t fit on the floor.We make different kinds of labels for merchandise for pricing,do claims for broken merchandise,make remnants of fabric that is discounted,clean up spills if any,sometimes help associate in other department,occasionally get sent to zone or set up seasonal area,and repair packages that could be put back on the floor.Oh,if you know how,you may occasionally help the department mgr. set up new mods.One thing you definitely need to know is all the Telzone functions required for your departments.At the end of your shift you will have to rid of empty boxes from stocking into trash compactor. Oh,did I say that you may have to set up end caps or displays sometimes.I’d say, we earn our pay.


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