Waste Management Job Interview Questions & Tips

Tips for a Successful Interview at Waste Management

A leading environmental solutions provider, Waste Management searches for potential employees aligning with the company core values of honesty, accountability, and safety. Candidates should highlight the core values through genuine completion of the necessary hiring materials, presenting past experiences demonstrating aptitudes in accepting fault for mistakes, and showing a thorough knowledge of federal and state regulations set forth for the industry. The company regularly offers entry-level positions in customer service and service driving.

Interviewing for Customer Support Positions

The interview process for customer support positions differs in comparison to service driving positions. After prospects apply to the company, a member of human resources contacts the candidate to conduct a telephone pre-screening. If successful, applicants must participate in an online assessment, which tests candidates in a variety of aspects relevant to the job. Prospects who make the cut then take part in a 30-minute telephone interview going into more detail about personal behavior and motivation. Files on promising applicants get sent to a hiring manager, who decides whether or not a candidate possesses suitability for an in-person interview. Questions for customer service hopefuls carry a significant weight in behavior-assessment. Applicants need to present very specific, detailed examples to obtain strong consideration. Successful candidates receive hiring invitations within one to two days following the final interview.

Service Driver Interviews

Individuals opting for a position in service driving face more straightforward interview processes. Hiring management mainly assesses the capability of applicants to perform the work in a variety of challenging situations and communicate professionally with coworkers and customers. After applying online, candidates participate in brief telephone pre-screenings before receiving on-site interview scheduling. The pre-screener asks basic questions relating to safety and behavior. Prospects should use examples displaying dependability and integrity, if prompted. The in-person interview generally spans 30 minutes, with the hiring manager focusing on candidate experiences and skillsets related to the industry. Service driver hopefuls should contact human resources beforehand to determine what materials to bring and what dress the company considers appropriate for the interview. Candidates typically receive hiring decisions within one week.


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