Westin Hotels and Resorts Interview Questions & Tips

What to Expect From the Westin Hotels & Resorts Hiring Process

The Westin Hotels & Resorts maintains a culture of professionalism and diversity. The interview process may span one to three weeks, and applicants generally participate in two or three job interviews. In most cases, job interviews take place over the phone before materializing into face-to-face interviews. Having a recommendation from a current employee may increase chances of hire at a Westin Hotels & Resorts property. Arrive to the interview wearing formal attire and being well-groomed. Maintaining good posture and smiling often during the interview will reflect a confident and inviting presence. Communication skills and helpfulness are paramount to the hospitality industry, as customer service is the focal point.

Tips for a Successful Interview

Questions about dealing with unhappy guests and other scenario-based inquiries are routine at a Westin Hotels & Resorts job interview. Having job history in travel and hospitality as well as aptitude for working with people of different cultures sets one candidate apart from the rest at a job interview. A potential Westin Hotels & Resorts worker having availability on nights and weekends is desirable, especially starting out. Additionally, applicants may want to offer willingness to work at multiple properties for a better chance of placement at a Westin Hotels & Resorts location. Even without previous experience in the hospitality business, showing a desire to work with people and having a good work ethic will improve chances of hire. Always thank an interviewer for their time and the opportunity. Also, be sure to follow up three to four days after the final interview with a Westin Hotels & Resorts hiring representative.

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