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wet seal pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Wet Seal Application

Organized and easily navigated, the Wet Seal printable application offers a straightforward way to earn consideration for fashion retail jobs. Workers print and fill in the forms longhand, which affords the opportunity to correct mistakes made directly on the documents. Job hopefuls may reprint the forms to start over without penalty or shame, as well. Completing a paper application in home also provides extended amounts of time to gather materials like Social Security numbers, details surrounding past jobs, and contact information for references prior to beginning the documents.

Face-to-Face Meetings

Individuals utilizing printable PDF versions of the Wet Seal application also gain unique opportunities to meet with hiring personnel and demonstrate professional attitudes. Unlike completing hiring information in person, onsite, applicants arrive at desired storefronts ready to speak directly to management. The extra time to interface allows for questions regarding personal styles, general expectations of staff, and potential pay rates. Applicants may also use the opportunities to ask about the next phases in the hiring process. Handing in completed employment forms regularly results in immediate interview consideration.

How to Fill out the Wet Seal PDF Application

The Wet Seal application collects a wide range of data from candidates. Workers must complete all sections in the documents in order to receive full consideration for employment. Print legibly, use ink, preferably blue or black pen, and reprint the forms in the event of errors to avoid blemishes or smudging on the documents.

“Personal Information”
A table sits at the top of the personal information section asking for name, address, phone number, aliases, position desired, first available start date, and expected pay. The table also includes questions regarding legal age, type of employment desired (part-time/full-time/seasonal), previous employment with Wet Seal, friends and/or relatives currently employed with the fashion retail chain, and whether prospective employees possess the abilities necessary to carry out proposed job duties without special accommodations. Three final questions appear at the bottom of the chart asking about proficiency in any foreign languages, reliable means of transportation, and right to work in the U.S.

“Employment History”
Work history plays an important role in managers gaining clear pictures of candidates as professionals. Individuals find large data fields containing spaces for information on up to five past jobs in the Employment History section. Begin with the most recent positions held. Required information ranges from company names, supervisor names, permission to contact the employers, and dates employed to former job titles, business addresses, typical responsibilities, reasons for leaving, and starting and ending salary options. The PDF instructs workers to account for large gaps in unemployment either at the bottom of the table or on separate sheets of paper. Another inquiry into past terminations or forced resignations sits at the bottom of the section, as well.

“Educational History”
A short section for education backgrounds follows the Employment History portion of the printable application. The hiring document asks candidates to record the names and addresses of high schools and colleges attended as well as indicate graduation, years spent at each school, and types of degrees or diplomas earned. Applicants should also utilize the data field found at the bottom of the section to list any specialized skillsets or attributes potentially beneficial to positions desired.

“Criminal History”
The Criminal History section remains brief yet asks workers to expand upon convictions outside of civil traffic violations. If individuals respond with Yes answers, the candidates must provide details regarding the actual offenses, dates of the infractions, and the circumstances mitigating the sanctions in full either on the hiring forms or separate pieces of paper attached to the applications.

“Availability Schedule”
In the spaces for each day of the week, applicants list full availability starting with Sunday and ending with Saturday. Prospective associates must also provide referral sources or means of hearing about available jobs by checking the appropriate boxes.

“Personal Interests”
Invested primarily in hiring high school and college students to fill entry-level jobs, Wet Seal asks applicants to list any extracurricular activities on the employment forms. The Personal Interests section offers space for individuals to list afterschool activities in addition to positions of leadership held outside of work. Examples of acceptable positions to list include senior, advisory, supervisory, or captain roles in sports, non-profit organizations, or academic groups.

“Business References”
The Wet Seal PDF also requires individuals to list three references able to corroborate professional abilities. Historically, applicants should provide the information for non-family members, such as past coworkers and supervisors or other impartial contacts. List reference names, occupations, relationships to, and phone numbers.

In order to finalize applications, individual candidates must initial the documents in several places throughout the waiver portions of the forms and then sign and date the hiring requests at the bottom of the last page. Applicants must check boxes in two places in addition to initialing toward the end of the forms. The waivers offer specific details regarding expectations upon hire, hiring practices used by the fashion chain, rights as employees living and working in the United States, and consents to background checks and other means of fact-finding used by the company.