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Contemporary, fun, and imaginative, Wet Seal carries clothing, accessories, and shoes for teenage and young women of all body types. The company began in 1962 and operates over 500 stores in nearly all 50 states and Puerto Rico, which creates widespread opportunities at employment.

Facts About Working at Wet Seal

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Wet Seal?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, District Director, Store Operations Analyst, Director of Leasing, Internal Audit Manager, Visual Merchandiser, Field Visual Merchandising Coordinator

Printable Application: Yes. Print Wet Seal application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

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Wet Seal Job Opportunities

Demonstrating impressive growth as a company, Wet Seal seeks opportunities for progression. As more stores come to fruition, the demand for dedicated and diverse staffs intensifies. The fashion retailer upholds a credo which values passion, innovation, drive, empowerment, and investment. Interested job candidates who demonstrate such ideologies make great fits with the company and may receive preferences during the hiring process. Remaining knowledgeable about the fashion industry, including trends and specific pieces of merchandise, may prove favorable to hiring managers.

While interested job candidates fit the description of the targeted Wet Seal customer may prove more plentiful in store staff, the retailer values diversity among employees. Men and women of any age and body type willing to commit to company values and represent the product passionately and favorably may receive hire. The retailer believes in promoting from within. Individuals interested in building careers in the fashion industry by managing a store or working for the corporate offices in the future may strive for goals by obtaining an entry-level position with the company first. Like many fashion retailers, high rates of turnover and the need for extra help during peak sales seasons create a near-constant need to fill in-store positions.

Wet Seal Positions and Salary Information

In order to apply for a position with Wet Seal, interested individuals must stand at least 18 years of age. Previous retail experience may prove favorable but does not persist as a requirement for most entry-level positions with the company. Some of the most readily available positions include:

Sales Associate

  • The most commonly available positions, sales associate jobs function as the face of the company through constant interaction with customers.
  • Individuals filling the position maintain responsibilities like greeting and assisting clientele, replenishing stock as needed, sustaining the cleanliness and appearance of stores, integrating dressing room merchandise back into the sales floor, operating cash transactions efficiently, handling merchandise returns, and suggesting and opening Wet Seal frequent buyer card accounts.
  • Ideal candidates for sales associate roles include friendly, energetic individuals able to withstand hours of standing, bending, squatting, and executing repetitive motions.
  • The part-time position provides minimum wage starting pay and up to as much as $10.00 an hour for work.

Assistant Manager

  • Requiring a high school diploma or the equivalent and at least two years of retail experience, assistant manager jobs often create a bridge between the positions of sales associate and store manager.
  • Garnering an average of $13.00 an hour, the position stands responsible for the overall function of store locations.
  • Specific duties include supervising entry-level staff, ensuring sales reach targeted goals, addressing customer concerns, providing training and product information for new and existing staff, motivating through leadership and example, and performing various administrative duties, like reviewing payroll and ordering new stock.

Tips For Applying

The Wet Seal corporate website features a job forum which makes applying for a position with the company convenient and simple. Browsing available roles remains widely available; however, to access applications, potential candidates must create profiles. Before uploading resumes, individuals should check for continuity, accuracy, and overall presentation. Reworking a resume to highlight personal attributes and past jobs which demonstrate a capability to perform expected duties well and efficiently stands in the best interest of potential hires. Additionally, if called in for an interview, dressing to express knowledge of the company brand as well as personal style may prove advantageous.

Application Status

Potential hires usually hear from managers about job offers within two to three weeks after interviews and application submission. Workers may receive notifications about a job via phone or email. The company may not contact all rejected applicants. To obtain a definitive answer about a position, call desired locations to speak to hiring managers.

Benefits of Working at Wet Seal

Full-time Wet Seal employees qualify for a number of generous job benefits. After serving the company at least a year, full-time staff enjoy medical coverage, which includes:

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Prescription drug
  • Dependent care and flexible spending accounts
  • Life insurance
  • 401(k) retirement plans with company match
  • Sick time, and paid vacations
  • Holidays and jury duty allowances remain available, as well

Full-time and part-time staff also stand eligible for attractive employee discounts.

More Information on Wet Seal

Wet Seal sponsors many educational programs through the organization Seal’d With Love. In the past, Seal’d With Love donated enough money to make raffles, school newspapers or other publications, fashion programs, volunteer works, yearbooks, athletic programs, and various school clubs a possibility. The company donates money and other gifts to organizations like DIVAS, Inc., which remain committed to promoting leadership among young women and underprivileged individuals.


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