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Prominent retail grocer WinCo Foods always seeks bright, driven individuals to join the team. The employee-owned supermarket chain maintains dozens of locations across the Southwest and employs over 14,000 workers companywide. Job hopefuls may apply for basic grocery service jobs as well as department-specific roles in areas such as bulk foods, produce, meat, deli, seafood, bakery, and Leonardi's Pizza.

Facts About Working at WinCo

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at WinCo Foods?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Checker, Bagger, Customer Service Associate, Deli Clerk, Cart Clerk, Container Clerk, Grocery Floor Clerk, Meat Clerk, Produce Clerk, Bakery Clerk, Pizza Clerk, Meat Wrapper, Counter Clerk, Assistant Manager, Manager, Assistant Warehouse Supervisor, Warehouse Associate, Help Desk Clerk, Grocery Distribution Warehouse Associate, Freight Stocker, Variety Stocker, IT Quality Assurance Tester, Inbound Logistics Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

WinCo Foods Job Opportunities

Every area of the grocery store needs part-time and full-time workers. New crew members typically join the team in entry-level roles and may advance quickly within the company. The supermarket works to empower associates with frequent development and advancement opportunities. Worker development includes ongoing training and education, as well as apprenticeships for skilled roles. Employees focused on gaining leadership roles may participate in manager trainee programs.

Anyone looking to find employment with WinCo Foods may search for jobs online and apply through the company careers site. Job hopefuls can only apply for one position at a time. The grocery store chain accepts one application per individual and keeps the document on file for 30 days. After the 30-day period, a candidate may reapply for the same position or apply for a different employment opportunity. Job seekers as young as 16 years old may find entry-level jobs, though some departments set age limits at 18 years old. To simplify the online application process, the grocery retailer lists the minimum hiring age for employment consideration next to the job vacancy.

WinCo Foods Vacancies and Pay Scales

Job hopefuls may discover a variety of entry-level jobs and professional careers with WinCo Foods. The grocery store operates 24/7 and most job titles feature morning, afternoon, and nighttime shifts. Employees earn industry-competitive wages and frequent opportunities for pay raises or salary increases. The list below outlines several common supermarket jobs with corresponding pay rates:

Stock Clerk

  • Also referred to as freight stock or variety stock, a stock clerk at Winco Foods replenishes merchandise on the sales flood.
  • Main duties include unloading delivers, stocking, rotating, and facing products, and discarding outdated and damaged products.
  • Stock clerks may also need to assemble displays, cut boxes, and order products.
  • When necessary, Stock clerks may need to assist customers with questions.
  • Stock Clerks often need to operate fork lifts, pallet jacks, hand trucks, and garbage compactors when needed.
  • Stock clerks should follow safety and company loss prevention procedures.
  • The minimum age to work as stock clerk sits at 18 years old.
  • Jobs available also set a number of physical requirements.
  • Stock clerks should possess the ability to lift and move 30 pounds frequently and 50 pounds regularly, as the position involves lifting items from the floor overhead.
  • Standing and walking for long periods of time also take place with frequency.
Salary and Compensation
  • Stock clerks earn competitive pay and work benefits.
  • On average, stock clerk earns between $10.00 and $16.00 an hour.
  • Pay typically varies depending on area of employment, experience level, and time spent with the company.
  • Both part-time and full-time stock clerks may qualify to earn WinCo Foods employee benefits.
  • Work benefits packages include healthcare benefits like medical, vision, prescription, and dental clover, flexible spending accounts, and life insurance.
  • Retirement benefits include 401(k) retirement plans and company ownership programs.
  • Eligible stock clerks may also access paid vacation, holidays, and stick days.


Job Description and Duties
  • WinCo Foods hires entry-level job seekers at least 18 years old to work as cashiers in store checkout lines.
  • Cashiers provide efficient and friendly customer service by using computerized cash register systems to process shopper purchases and finalize sales transactions.
  • Workers also bag groceries, ensure proper pricing, clean work areas, and stock merchandise in and around checkout aisles.
  • Other than the minimum hiring age, cashier jobs carry no formal requirements for employment consideration.
  • Applicants should have flexible schedule availability and the ability to learn and retain substantial amounts of information, like merchandise codes and product locations.
  • Sociable personalities and cooperative work ethics also help in obtaining cashier positions.
Salary and Compensation
  • Cashiers at WinCo Foods usually earn minimum wage upon hire.
  • With experience, pay rates may increase to $11.00 an hour or more, depending on location.
  • Employment benefits packages typically include development and advancement opportunities, which often propel entry-level workers into leadership positions and management careers within relatively short amounts of time.
  • Career advancement generally comes with added job benefits, such as competitive salary options, medical coverage, and paid time off.
  • The grocery store maintains more than 80 locations throughout seven Western states and continues to open new stores, providing regional job seekers with increasing opportunities for employment in the dynamic grocery retail industry.


Job Description and Duties
  • Managers at WinCo Foods stores fulfill an array of administrative and supervisory functions to achieve successful business operations.
  • Available WinCo management positions include various department, assistant, and store manager job titles.
  • Primary duties involve driving sales and controlling expenses, developing strategies to improve store profitability, overseeing inventory levels and merchandise layout, and ensuring storewide customer satisfaction.
  • Managers also hire and train entry-level workers, set employee work schedules, and delegate daily tasks.
  • While specific hiring requirements vary by job title, prospective managers usually hold a high school diploma and previous grocery store management experience.
  • WinCo also imposes an age minimum of 18 for all managerial jobs and often prefers store managers to have a relevant college degree.
  • Applicants should have the ability to work irregular or extended hours in a fast-paced grocery retail environment.
  • Proven collaborative and leadership skills and demonstrated proficiency in interpreting numerical data also increase chances for employment.
Salary and Compensation
  • WinCo Foods management careers typically feature compensation packages with lucrative salary options.
  • Hourly pay rates for department managers frequently hover around $20.00, while assistant managers make roughly $60,000 annual salary.
  • Depending on experience and location, store managers may enjoy yearly salary options approaching $100,000.
  • In addition to highly competitive pay scales, WinCo offers comprehensive employment benefits to eligible workers.
  • Qualified managers gain access to medical and prescription drug coverage, dental and vision plans, life insurance, flexible spending accounts, 401(k) retirement plans, and an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP).
  • As the prominent supermarket continues to move up the Forbes List of 500 Largest Privately Held Companies, from 266 in 1998 to 66 in 2011, the employee-owned supermarket chain regularly needs to hire managers to oversee a workforce of over 14,000 associates in more than 80 stores.

Freight Stocker

  • Freight stockers maintain and replenish stock levels on the sales floor.
  • Primary duties include unloading and unboxing deliveries, placing products on shelves, and building product displays.
  • Employees in the role must ensure shelves look presentable by rotating, facing, and fronting products. Inventory functions, such as tracking product levels, removing outdated goods, and ordering products, also make up a significant part of freight stocker jobs.
  • Tools used on the job include electric manual pallet jacks, hand trucks, cardboard ballers for lifts, and box knifes.
  • Candidates need the abilities to walk, crouch, and stand for extended periods and lift up to 40 pounds regularly.
  • Ideal workers also possess adequate reading, math, and communication skills.
  • Freight stockers may make between $8.00 and $15.00 per hour.

Deli Clerk

  • Deli clerks provide over-the-counter service in the deli and seafood departments.
  • When guests arrive, deli clerks provide warm and welcoming assistance with all customer requests.
  • Deli clerks need to possess detailed knowledge of all products in order to satisfy any customer inquiries.
  • In addition to customer care, deli clerks carry out food preparation duties, including preparing sandwiches and salads, assembling ingredients, mixing and prepping recipes, breading products, and dropping foods into shortening.
  • Deli clerk associates also ensure the proper packaging, portioning, and pricing of foods delivered to customers.
  • The supermarket chain needs team-oriented individuals with strong communication skills to work in the deli.
  • Ability to properly read labels and inspect goods also proves necessary for deli clerks.
  • Some states may require deli clerks to possess food handler certifications.
  • Deli clerks usually earn between $8.00 and $10.00 an hour.

Tips For Applying

During the initial phases of the online application process, the electronic submission manager asks if workers would like upload resumes. Job hopefuls should exercise the option without thought. Uploading a resume prepopulates information into a variety of data fields, which saves candidates time in the long run. Professional resumes also provide managers additional information not found on the hiring forms themselves. Be sure to cater the professional documents to each position desired for even better odds of impressing hiring personnel.

Application Status

Applying online means building a profile through the submissions manager. Candidates may use the personalized profiles to check on the status of any application submitted. Workers often opt to stop in WinCo Foods locations personally and inquire about jobs firsthand. Prospects may also call to follow up on hiring forms. Wait at least a day or two for processing before carrying out follow ups. Keep in mind, the hiring process may take as long as a month or so. Maintain steady contact with management to reinforce desires for work.

Benefits of Working for WinCo Foods

In conjunction with competitive wages, eligible full-time and part-time workers receive comprehensive work benefits packages. A typical employee benefits package features plans for healthcare, personal wellbeing, and retirement savings. Health benefits include:

  • Medical
  • Vision
  • Prescription, and
  • Dental coverage in addition to flexible spending accounts

For personal wellbeing, eligible associates access paid vacation, sick days, and holidays as well as life insurance and employee assistance programs. The supermarket chain also assists with retirement savings by offering profit sharing through the Employee Stock Ownership Plan along with 401(k) plans with matching contributions. New hires receive a Summary Plan Description, which provides in-depth information about eligibility and the specific job benefits offered.

Additional Information on WinCo Foods

WinCo Foods proudly operates as an employee-owned venture. The supermarket chain maintains an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, which gives workers the ability to opt-in as part-owners of the company. As part-owners, crew members personally benefit financially from company success. The Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or ESOP, allows workers to share in the common goal of store and company-wide success with other team members. Additionally, the supermarket chain believes employee ownership promotes cleaner stores, friendlier associates, lower prices, and happier customers.

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