WinCo Foods Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at WinCo Foods

WinCo Foods applicants must formally submit hiring materials and apply online via the company website to gain employment consideration. Many locations still accept paper hiring documents in addition to electronic employment forms. WinCo Foods hiring personnel call job seekers to schedule interviews based on need and availability. Interviews generally take place in WinCo Foods break rooms or on sales floors. Many applicants receive instructions to take a drug test at a local testing facility immediately following the interview process. All in all, applicants should expect at least one personal interview. Potential managers may encounter multiple interviews but typically only sit through a maximum of three hiring sessions total.

Company Policies

The WinCo Foods hiring process also serves as an introduction to company policies. Applicants sit through brief, informal presentations administered by WinCo Foods hiring personnel explaining codes of conduct, expectations, and job duties for the position desired. Each store department, i.e. deli, floral, produce, etc., holds specific expectations of workers for basic operations, customer interactions, employee interactions, safety, and sanitation. Asking questions during this portion of WinCo Foods interviews often demonstrates added desire to work for the supermarket chain and interest in the job.

Common Interview Questions

WinCo Foods interviewers often ask aspiring team members about specific details of past jobs. Applicants frequently answer interview questions like:

  • "What were your favorite and least favorite parts of your last job?"
  • "Can you describe your last position for me?"
WinCo Foods interview questions also gauge reactions to certain, everyday situations encountered in the grocery store industry, such as:
  • "If you saw a coworker stealing, what would you do?"
  • "Do you stand up well to ill-treatment from customers/managers/coworkers?"
  • "Do you feel comfortable working on foot for long periods of time?"
Another common subject is availability. WinCo Foods interviews generally wrap up after two or three questions and range between 20 and 30 minutes in length.

How to Ace Your Interview

Though brief and typically conversational, WinCo Foods job interviews serve as the prime chance for workers to make an impression on attending hiring managers. Applicants should wear presentable apparel throughout the WinCo Foods interview process and behave in a professional and courteous manner. Act as you would on the sales floor or working in the specific department of choice. WinCo Foods bases hiring eligibility on both verbal and non-verbal performance in each interview. Sit up straight and maintain consistent eye contact with the representatives conducting the hiring process. As mentioned before, ask questions when confused or to expand upon topics of interest. The casual, conversational formats of WinCo Foods interviews greatly benefit workers who open up and take initiative to speak. Conclude each session with a gracious handshake and follow up a few days later if no formal job offer is made.


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    What type of drug test do they use? Urine or swab?

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