Winners Interview Questions & Tips

Applying for a Job at Winners

Complete and submit all the necessary employment forms and hiring materials to land a Winners job interview. Expect to wait anywhere from a few days to over a week to receive contact from a Winners hiring manager. Try to schedule the Winners interview as soon as possible. Many Winners locations conduct job interviews solely due to immediate demand for new staff members. Prepare for the Winners interview process by reviewing work history, individual accomplishments, and any skills relevant to the position.

Short Interviews

Winners generally uses brief, one-to-one interviews held onsite at a desired location of choice to screen potential workers. Applicants typically spend about a week going through the procedure, from initial phone calls to set up job interviews to completion of the Winners hiring process. Each job interview lasts about 15 minutes, with applicants responding to a handful of Winners interview questions.

Some common questions posed during the Winners job interview include:

  • “What do you know about Winners?”
  • “What kind of trends do you see at Winners?"
  • “Why are you attracted to fashion?”
  • “How would you get customers back into the store?”

How to Stand Out

Attend Winners interviews on-time and dressed appropriately. Try to wear an article of Winners clothing to the interview. Maintain confidence and enthusiasm throughout Winners job interviews. Keep answers detailed and relevant to the fashion retail industry or position desired. However, hiring managers may ask about personal interests and hobbies to further determine a sound fit for the team. Applicants should, if possible, tie personal interests into career aspirations. Demonstrating initiative through past employment or other experiences may increase odds of hiring, as Winners tends to promote from within and constantly looks for managerial potential in entry-level workers. As each interview concludes, inquire about follow-up procedures. Showing determination and persistence for the position often favors applicants looking for work at Winners retail stores.

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