Woodman’s Market Job Interview Questions & Tips

Applying for an Interview at Woodman's Market

To gain consideration for Woodman's Market job interviews, applicants must complete and submit all the necessary employment forms and hiring materials. Woodman's Market hiring managers take roughly three to five days to contact eligible candidates based on the information submitted.

How to Prepare

To prepare for Woodman's Market interviews, review past employment, training, certification, and other skills relevant to the job. Hiring managers regularly reference applicant hiring documents during the Woodman's Market interview process. Learn about locations, services, and a brief history of the supermarket company, as well.

What to Expect During the Interview Process

During interviews with an employee-owned chain of grocery stores like Woodman's Market, applicants must demonstrate a strong, team-oriented attitude in addition to general customer service skills. Woodman's Market uses scored assessments to test applicants on abilities and to gauge personalities. Workers must answer the interview questions presented in the assessments truthfully. Many of the questions deal with problems derived from ethics, like, "If people thought they could get away with it, do you feel individuals would steal more often?" The assessment also includes a section on quantitative reasoning and asks applicants to complete basic math problems. Woodman's Market hiring managers use the assessments to make hiring decisions. Care should be taken when completing the assessment to ensure strong performance during the hiring process.

One-on-One Interviews

Woodman's Market job interview candidates traditionally undergo one-on-one interviews. Interviewers may ask applicants to undergo background checks and drug screenings in addition to the employee assessment. Aside from the interview questions found on the Woodman's Market hiring assessment exam, applicants may respond to the following inquiries: "What did you like/not like about your previous job?", "What hours are you available?", and "How do you define customer service?" The entire process generally begins with a brief phone call to schedule a job interview. Applicants receive notice of employment at the end of the final Woodman's Market interview, in most cases. No more than two interviews prove necessary to determine candidate eligibility.


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