World Market Interview Questions & Tips

How to Apply for a Job Interview at World Market

Employment forms and hiring materials can be found on the World Market website. Taking the time to carefully read and fill out the necessary paperwork is an important aspect of being considered for an available position with the home furnishings retailer. World Market looks for diverse, friendly, and energetic applicants who are willing to be challenged. For sales, seasonal, and cashier positions at World Market, a group interview is very common, but individual meetings also take place.

What to Expect From the Interview Process

Applicants may be asked to pick an item in the store and describe how they would sell it to a customer. A hiring manager may call an applicant for a second one-on-one interview if the group interview goes favorably. This process could last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. Regardless of the interview format, plan to arrive a few minutes early prepared to be social and interact with the hiring representatives.

Interview Questions

World Market applicants have been asked questions like:

  • "How would you deal with an upset customer while trying to resolve their problem?"
  • "What are three words your previous employers and references would use to describe you?"
  • "What could you bring to World Market that would improve the company?"
Do not hesitate to plan a few responses to common World Market interview questions and even questions of your own to ask the interviewer if given the opportunity. Doing so communicates a value of thoughtfulness and care, which many World Market locations appreciate and prefer in prospective employees.

Interviews for Managerial Positions

An interview for a managerial or upper-level position may entail a more intense set of inquiries into previous management and retail experience along with how to approach difficult HR problems. The World Market website offers helpful advice on what ideal traits the nationwide retailer looks for in upper-level positions both at the Home Office and Distribution Center locations. Previous experience always serves candidates well in securing employment, but World Market requires all new-hires to take part in onsite training sessions for necessary skills and certifications.

Following Through with the Hiring Process

Potential World Market employees may be asked to undergo background checks, drug screenings, and personality tests during the hiring process. It is important to remain patient and professional throughout the entire World Market job interview process. At the end of the interview session, remember to thank each World Market hiring representative for the opportunity and then await a call back regarding a decision.


  • April Payne says:

    what questions would i be asked most likely?

  • Phil says:

    I am currently employed at Cost Plus World Market (Furniture Department Head).

    At my interview I was asked a few of the above questions. If you have prior work experience they will ask about specific situations (ex: dealing with an angry customer). They seem to always ask if you have shopped at World Market and if so what your favorite part is. If you have never been, I recommend taking a look around prior to your interview and getting a feel for things.

    I have been around for several group interviews (which is how they conduct most interviews) and have noticed a few aspects they look at:
    1. How you carry yourself. They LOVE confidence.
    2. Smiling when you talk, being overall enthusiastic.
    3. Easy to work with (they will have you work with other candidates and they watch how you interact with one another)

    Employee dress code is simple, a blank t-shirt and jeans, however, that is NOT how you should show up to the interview. I wore a button up and black dickies.

    Hopefully this helps out, good luck!

    • Jason Mailer says:

      Did they drug screen you after you were hired?

  • amber smith (@SweetAsSpring) says:

    Just had an interview today and was hired on the spot. I followed the advice of the poster before me and studied for the questions listed above.

    Should I bring anything to the World Market interview? I bought a copy of my resume and my references.

    What education level (high school or college) is required for the job? High school

    What other questions do they ask? How should you answer certain questions? I was asked, “Why World Market?” and “What would your friends say about you”. They love people who can get along with anyone.

    What should I wear, or how should I dress for an interview at World Market? I had dress/business pants on with a nice shirt and a jacket with black heels.

    How much do they pay? Will they ask about salary expectations, if so what should I say? the interviewer asked me if $9 h/r was good enough and I said yes. She asked me again later on if that price was okay.

    Does World Market drug test? I haven’t gotten to that part yet if they do it.

    What about second interviews? When should you expect a call after the interview? I lucked out and the 2nd manager was there and not busy after my interview. So I had my 2nd interview right after my first one. He basically did another overview of the store, asked me what I knew about the company and answered a few questions by me. It lasted for an hour and a half. If he wasn’t there I was supposed to call back in a few days to check up and/or they would call me back for another interview.

  • brittany says:

    Okay, I just got hired and I start on Monday. I know the dress code is a blank T-shirt and jeans, but when you say “blank”, does that mean just no logos or writing? or does that also apply to stripes or floral print? I just went shopping for new work clothes and I bought a few striped blouses. I hope I don’t have to take them back. They’re cute!

  • Danielle says:

    Does World Market allow facial piercings? I have my nose pierced but I would love to work there!

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