Yogurtland Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Yogurtland

Yogurtland imposes multiple rounds of interviews when screening candidates for available jobs. After turning in the needed hiring forms for employment consideration with the ice cream shop chain, Yogurtland applicants typically receive a phone call from a manager to schedule job interviews. In many cases, the contact manager will conduct a brief phone interview with the candidate prior to formally extending an offer to interview onsite. From the phone interview, Yogurtland candidates either participate in group interviews or one-on-one interviews.

Interview Process

Group interviews used in the Yogurtland hiring process feature roundtable discussion, while 1:1 interviews promote more intimate and personal dialogue between manager and applicant. Regardless of initial in-person interview format, job hopefuls must complete an additional round of interviews to receive a formal job offer. Each Yogurtland interview spans 20 to 30 minutes. Depending on the number of applicants participating, group interview sessions may last longer.

Question Topics

Customer service, leadership, and personal interests stand as traditional topics covered during initial Yogurtland job interviews. The second interview session generally narrows down inquiries to behavioral questions based on hypothetical or past situations. Yogurtland interview questions often include:

  • "What does customer service mean to you?"
  • "Have you ever been in a position of leadership?"
  • "Can you recall a mistake you've made in the past and how you worked to overcome the error?"

How to Prepare

While each interview typically lasts for a relatively short duration, applicants should spend time preparing for any and all Yogurtland hiring sessions. Review company information, including flavors of frozen yogurt, toppings, typical modes of operation, expectations of employees, and general conduct used when interacting with customers.

How to Stand Out

Display the same kind of behavior expected of employees during the Yogurtland hiring process. The frozen yogurt chain routinely looks for individuals who adapt quickly to protocol and exude positive and friendly attitudes. Applicants who express open availability or schedule flexibility also gain added hiring consideration.


  • Maiya Tarves says:

    I got a call from yogurtland on last Thursday and I had an interview last Saturday. I arrived 15 before the time of my interview. It was really nice. The manager I had my interview with said that she had to speak with the general manager and she would call me back in 48 hours. I’m still waiting on a callback to know if I’ll be considered for the position. I really hope I receive a callback! I’d be really excited for this job! The interview process is really not as I imagine, I guess it was just my nerves. Good luck to anyone applying for positions here !! You’ll do just fine

    • yolanda says:

      You’re so lucky! I hope you get the job! What did you wear to the interview? Since they’re looking for bubbly people should one wear grey and black as expected for interviews?

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